Europe Electric Scooter and Motorcycle Market Analysis, 2020

The European region has been highly proactive in the adoption of renewable sources of energy. Almost all the countries in the region have set targets to reduce carbon emissions in the near future under several global agreements. Therefore, the adopti Read more
  • Automotive
  • Mar 2020
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  • AT55004
  • 3,060

India E-Rickshaw Market Analysis, 2020

E-Rickshaw is an electric vehicle which is pulled by electric motor and powered by battery. The popularity of E-Rickshaw is growing in the country on account of the low fuel cost, low maintenance cost, no noise pollution, and eco-friendly features. T Read more
  • Automotive
  • Jan 2020
  • 133
  • AT55002
  • 1,998

India E-Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Market Analysis, 2020

The E-Vehicle Charging infrastructure refers to an infrastructure system of charging stations and battery swap stations to recharge the vehicle. The charging can be provided at home as well as at charging stations. The public charging stations are on Read more
  • Automotive
  • Dec 2019
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Global Urban Air Mobility Market Analysis, 2020

Urban air mobility is a term used in the aviation industry for the autonomous and on-demand carriage of the passengers and cargo, generally operated pilotless or with human intervention.  According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled  Read more
  • Automotive
  • Dec 2019
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