Global Social Media Analytics Market Research Report: Forecast (2023-2028)

Market Definition Social Media Analytics (SMA) involves gathering & evaluating data from different social networking sites to gather insights into customer intentions & behaviors. It offers a real-time close-up of online interactions to help marke Read more
  • ICT & Electronics
  • Nov 2022
  • 243
  • IT10203
  • 4,850

Global Behavioral Analytics Market Research Report: Forecast (2021-2026)

The Global Behavioral Analytics Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 40% during the forecast period, i.e., 2021-26, says MarkNtel Advisors in their research report. It owes to the rapid technological advancements in developing a high-tec Read more
  • ICT & Electronics
  • Sep 2021
  • 221
  • IT10205
  • 4,850

Global Video Analytics Market Research Report: Forecast (2021-2026)

Video analytics is beneficial for monitoring video streams in near real-time. While video monitoring, video analytics helps analyze the events or specific behavior patterns in a monitored environment, thereby enabling users to analyze insights obtain Read more
  • ICT & Electronics
  • Aug 2021
  • 250
  • IT10204
  • 4,850

Global Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Market Analysis, 2020

The healthcare industry across the globe generates a vast amount of data every day to transform the raw data into meaningful insights the need for big data analytics in healthcare is growing. Moreover, digital transformation across the globe coupled Read more
  • ICT & Electronics
  • Jan 2020
  • 241
  • IT10201
  • 4,850