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Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Research Report Forecast : (2022-2027)

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Market Definition

Specialty chemicals, also known as performance chemicals, help enhance the manufacturing process. These chemicals have extensive applications across different industrial verticals like mining, water, wastewater treatment plants, construction, pharmaceuticals, food additives, & personal care, among others.

Countries across the Middle East rely heavily on oil & gas, i.e., leading to rapidly expanding manufacturing plants, industrial units, etc., and playing a crucial role in propelling the demand for Specialty Chemicals in the region. Benefits of specialty chemicals, such as enhanced product performance & improved operational efficiency in industries, shall further stimulate their adoption in the coming years.

Market Insights

The Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. The growth of the market is likely to be driven primarily by the several ongoing & upcoming large-scale construction activities across different countries in the region, in line with their aim to bring economic diversification, i.e., soaring the demand for specialty chemicals. 

In addition, the extensive oil & gas production facilities entwined with the mounting focus on boosting agricultural, construction, pharmaceutical, food processing, coatings & paper trading, & transportation, among others, are also playing a crucial role in stimulating the demand for specialty chemicals and thereby driving the market through 2027. 

Moreover, massive investments in infrastructure developments across countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, & Qatar, among others, are also projecting growth opportunities for the leading players to increase their production, enhance product portfolio, and widen their scalability across the region.

Report Coverage Details
Study Period Historical Data: 2017-20
Base Year: 2021
Forecast Period: 2022-27
Countries Covered Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman
Key Companies Profiled Saudi basic Industry Corporation, Sadara Chemical Company, Saudi Specialty Chemical Industries Co Ltd., Thebe Unico, AECI Ltd., Clariant AG, AkzoNobel N.V., Evonik Industries AG, BASF SE, DowDuPont Inc.
Unit Denominations USD Million/Billion


Impact of Covid-19 on the Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market

The advent of Covid-19 in 2020 had a decelerating impact on the Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market. Hindrance in cross-border trade resulted in the unavailability of raw materials, lack of labor, increased demand & supply gaps, and shutdown of production units, which caused massive financial losses for the leading market players. The severely hampered transportation & logistics led to delays in deliveries of pre-produced chemicals.

However, with the gradual improvement in the pandemic situation, governments of different countries in the region uplifted the restrictions. It, in turn, encouraged the leading players to introduce new products and increase their production capacities to meet the burgeoning demand for specialty chemicals, expand the visibility in the region, and offer an extensive range of chemicals for customers.

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4.     Global Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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4.2.1. By Type  Pharmaceuticals    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)    Solvents    Reagents    Others  Mining    Frothers    Flocculants    Collectors    Grinding Aids    Others  Water & Waste Water Treatment    Coagulants & Flocculant    Biocide    Corrosion Inhibitor    Scale Inhibitor    Others  Construction Chemicals    Concrete Admixtures    Water Proofing    Adhesive and Sealant    Protective Coating  Oil Field Chemicals    Drilling Fluids    Cementing Chemicals    Acidizing Chemicals    Fracturing Chemicals    Oil Production Chemicals  Personal Care    Inactive Ingredients    Active Ingredients  Food Additives  Acidulants  Flavour Enhancers  Hydrocolloids  Preservatives  Others  Others

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5.     Saudi Arabia Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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6.     UAE Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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7.     Qatar Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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8.     Kuwait Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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9.     Oman Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Outlook, 2017- 2027F

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10.  Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Policies, Regulations, Type Standards

11.  Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Trends & Insights

12.  Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Dynamics

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12.3.Impact Analysis

13.  Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Hotspot and Opportunities

14.  Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

15.  Competitive Outlook

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15.2.Company Profiles (Business Description, Type Segments, Business Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships, Future Plans)

15.2.1.  Saudi basic Industry Corporation

15.2.2.  Sadara Chemical Company

15.2.3.  Saudi Specialty Chemical Industries Co Ltd.

15.2.4.  Thebe Unico

15.2.5.  AECI Ltd.

15.2.6.  Clariant AG

15.2.7.  AkzoNobel N.V.

15.2.8.  Evonik Industries AG

15.2.9.  BASF SE

15.2.10.   DowDuPont Inc.

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Middle East Specialty Chemicals Market Segmentation
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