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Africa Used Trucks Market Research Report: Forecast (2022-2027)

By Application (Construction, Mining, Logistics), By Tonnage Capacity (3.5 tons to 7.5 tons, 7.6 tons to 16 tons, Above 16 tons), By Country (Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Read more

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Market Definition

With rapid industrial developments across Africa, the demand for commercial trucks is escalating swiftly. They have become prominent equipment in applications like construction, mining, logistics, & transportation, among others. Due to the low costs & insurance premiums compared to the new trucks, coupled with the increasing freight requirements in the construction & logistics industries, used trucks have gained significant momentum across Africa in previous years.

Market Insights

The Africa Used Trucks Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 5.6% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. The growth of the market is driven primarily by various ongoing & upcoming construction projects in different countries of Africa due to the growing government focus on infrastructural developments across the residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational sectors, etc., i.e., propelling the demand for construction equipment & commercial vehicles. 

Report Coverage Details
Study Period Historical Data: 2017-20
Base Year: 2021
Forecast Period: 2022-27
CAGR (2022-2027) 5.6%
Key Companies Profiled Scania AB, AB Volvo, Renault, Isuzu Motors Limited, Man Truck & Bus, Tata Motors Limited, Ashok Leyland Limited, Daimler AG, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai
Unit Denominations USD Million/Billion


Yet, with the expansive cost of purchasing new trucks for different applications, contractors are shifting their preferences toward buying used trucks and, in turn, driving the market. Besides, with improving road connectivity & increasing trade across borders of different countries in Africa, the transportation & logistic sectors are also substantially expanding and generating a mounting demand for used trucks. 

Moreover, the increasing government inclination toward excavation, exploration, & production activities in the mining sector for economic fluidity is another crucial aspect projecting growth opportunities for the leading players to offer used trucks at lower prices and boost the market through 2027.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Africa Used Trucks Market

The advent of Covid-19 in 2020 had a decelerating effect on most industries across Africa, where the Used Truck Market was no exception and witnessed a downfall amidst the crisis. Owing to the severity of the virus, governments of different countries across the region had to impose stringent movement restrictions & frequent lockdowns to curb the spread of this dreadful disease.

Consequently, the leading players in the market faced several unprecedented challenges associated with the demand & deliveries of used trucks. While the governments banned travel & imposed cross-border trade restrictions, the supply & import-export of used trucks were affected severely. Additionally, as most operations were suspended and put on a temporary hold, the market further witnessed a downfall in its growth amidst the crisis.

However, with the gradually declining Covid-19 cases, restrictions were uplifted & business operations got recommenced as usual. As a result, the market players resumed the deliveries, sales, and export & imports of used trucks to meet the burgeoning end-user requirements, which, in turn, enabled to market to regain its usual growth pace.

1.     Introduction

1.1. Market Segmentation

1.2. Product Definition

1.3. Research Process

1.4. Assumptions

2.     Executive Summary

3.     Expert Verbatim- What our Experts Say?

4.     Africa Used Trucks Market Voice of Customer

4.1.   Brand Awareness

4.2.   End User Expectation

4.3.   Key Factors Impacting Vendor Selection

4.4.   Key Issues Encountered

4.5.   Vendor’s Receptiveness to Address Key Customer Issues

4.6.   Future Requirements

5.     Africa Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

5.1.   Market Size & Analysis

5.1.1. Market Revenue

5.1.2. Units Sold

5.2.   Market Share & Analysis

5.2.1. By Application  Construction  Mining  Logistics

5.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

     3.5 tons to 7.5 tons

     7.6 tons to 16 tons

     Above 16 tons

5.2.3. By Country  Algeria  Ethiopia  Tanzania  Egypt  South Africa  Morocco  Nigeria

5.2.4. By Fuel Type  Diesel  Gasoline  Petrol  Others

5.2.5  By Company  Revenue Shares  Strategic Factorial Indexing  Competitor Placement in MarkNtel Quadrant

6.     Algeria Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

6.1.   Market Size & Analysis

6.1.1. Market Revenue

6.1.2. Units Sold

6.2.   Market Share & Analysis

6.2.1. By Application

6.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

6.2.3. By Fuel Type

7.     Tanzania Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

7.1.   Market Size & Analysis

7.1.1. Market Revenue

7.1.2. Units Sold

7.2.   Market Share & Analysis

7.2.1. By Application

7.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

7.2.3. By Fuel Type

8.     South Africa Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

8.1.   Market Size & Analysis

8.1.1. Market Revenue

8.1.2. Units Sold

8.2.   Market Share & Analysis

8.2.1. By Application

8.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

8.2.3. By Fuel Type

9.     Egypt Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

9.1.   Market Size & Analysis

9.1.1. Market Revenue

9.1.2. Units Sold

9.2.   Market Share & Analysis

9.2.1. By Application

9.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

9.2.3. By Fuel Type

10.  Ethiopia Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

10.1.Market Size & Analysis

10.1.1.   Market Revenue

10.1.2.   Units Sold

10.2.Market Share & Analysis

10.2.1.   By Application

10.2.2.   By Tonnage Capacity

10.2.3.   By Fuel Type

11.  Morocco Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

11.1.Market Size & Analysis

11.1.1.   Market Revenue

11.1.2.   Units Sold

11.2.  Market Share & Analysis

11.2.1. By Application

11.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

11.2.3. By Fuel Type

12.  Nigeria Used Truck Market Analysis, 2017-2027

12.1.Market Size & Analysis

12.1.1.   Market Revenue

12.1.2.   Units Sold

12.2.  Market Share & Analysis

12.2.1. By Application

12.2.2. By Tonnage Capacity

12.2.3. By Fuel Type

13.  Africa Used Truck Market Policies, Regulations, Product Standards

14.  Africa Used Truck Market Trends & Insights

15.  Africa Used Truck Market Dynamics

15.1.Growth Drivers


15.3.Impact Analysis

16.  Africa Used Truck Market Hotspot & Opportunities

17.  Africa Used Truck Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success & Growth

18.  Competition Outlook

18.1.  Competition Matrix

18.1.1. Product Portfolio

18.1.2. Brand Specialization

18.1.3. Target Markets

18.1.4. Target End Users

18.1.5. Research & Development

18.1.6. Strategic Alliances

18.1.7. Strategic Initiatives

18.2.  Company Profiles (Business Description, Product Segments, Business Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships, Future Plans)

18.2.1. Scania AB

18.2.2. AB Volvo

18.2.3. Renault

18.2.4. Isuzu Motors Limited

18.2.5. Man Truck and Bus

18.2.6. Tata Motors Limited

18.2.7. Ashok Leyland Limited

18.2.8. Daimler AG

18.2.9. Mercedes Benz

18.2.10.  Hyundai

19.  Disclaimer

Africa Used Trucks Market Segmentation
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