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Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Analysis, 2020

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According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled “Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Analysis, 2020”, the Antiscalant market is projected to register a CAGR of around 9% during 2020-25. The desalination segment acquired the highest market share in the Saudi Arabia Antiscalant market in 2019. Antisclant are used across desalination plants as a scale inhibitor and with the increasing initiatives of the government to establish desalination plants in the country is further projected to positively impact the demand for antiscalants in the years to come.

The Saudi Arabian Antiscalant market is largely dominated by local blenders. The market represented by blenders is led by Nalco and Biolab, which together, account for the majority share. The remaining market is fragmented with the presence of many medium- and small-scale blenders. Moreover, there is less amount of supply for antiscalants  through foreign manufacturers due to the price differences, longer delivery time, and absence of local manufacturers in the country.

According to MarkNtel Advisors, the key players capturing a considerable market share in the Saudi Arabia Antiscalant market include Metito, Nalco, Biolab Arabia, Veolia, AES, Wetico, BASF, etc. These companies are being provided with contracts to supply antiscalants, which can expand their presence in the country.

Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report 

  1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Size- By Revenue, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Overview, Market Shares) of Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market?
  2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
  3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations, growth drivers and challenges in the Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market?  
  4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
  5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market study?   

Market Outlook, Segmentation and Statistics

  • Market Size & Analysis
    • Market Revenues
    • Quantity Sold
  • Market Share & Analysis
    • By Feed Water
      • Sea
      • Brackish
    • By End User
      • Desalination Plants
      • Industrial
    • By Region
      • East
      • West
      • South
      • Central
  • Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market Policy & Regulations
  • Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market Pricing Analysis
    • Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market Customer Analysis
      • Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Buyer Behaviour
        • Antiscalants Procurement
        • Key Factors Considered While Selecting an Antiscalants Supplier
  • Competitive Benchmarking
    • Sales Mix
      • Foreign Vs. Local Manufacturers
      • Key Strategies Adopted by Antiscalants Suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What would be the growth rate or CAGR Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market during 2020-25?
A. The market size of Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market during 2020-25 is forecast to be around 9%. 

Q. Which region would grab the highest market share during 2020-25?
A. It is forecast that Western region of Saudi Arabia is dominating the market with majority market share, with market size registering considerably higher CAGR.

Q. Who are the key competitors or players operating in Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market? 
A. Metito, Nalco, Biolab Arabia, Veolia, AES, Wetico, BASF and few others are the leading players in the Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market.

Q. Does the report scope cover region wise market statistics also?
A. Yes, the scope of the report encompass detailed region statistics such as market size, market segmentation, market overview based on various subcategories.

Q. Which end user segment would emerge as an opportunity area for players in Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market?
A. Industrial sector would continue to grow at a highest CAGR, presenting immense opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of Saudi Arabia Antiscalants Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Introduction

1.1.   Product Definition

1.2.   Research Process

1.3.   Assumptions

1.4.   Market Segmentation

2.     Executive Summary

3.     Saudi Arabia Macroeconomic Outlook

4.     Saudi Arabia Water Desalination Market Outlook, 2015-2025F

4.1.   Market Size & Analysis

4.1.1. Water Production

4.2.   Market Share & Analysis

4.2.1. By Technology  Multi-Stage Flash Desalination  Multi-Effect Distillation  Reverse Osmosis

4.2.2. Desalinated Water Producer  By Capacity

4.3.   List of all Desalination Plants

4.3.1. By Capacity

4.3.2. By Technology

4.4.   Saudi Arabia Water Desalination Market Dynamics

4.4.1. Impact Analysis

4.4.2. Drivers

4.4.3. Challenges

4.5.   Saudi Arabia Water Desalination Market Trends & Developments

5.     Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Outlook, 2015-2025F

5.1.   Market Size & Analysis

5.1.1. Market Revenues

5.1.2. Quantity Sold

5.2.   Market Share & Analysis

5.2.1. By Feed Water  Sea  Brackish

5.2.2. By End User  Desalination Plants  Industrial

5.2.3. By Region  East  West  South  Central

5.2.4. By Company  Market Shares, By Quantity Sold  Strategic Factorial Indexing  Competitor Placement in MarkNtel Quadrant

6.     Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Trends & Developments

7.     Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Policy & Regulations

8.     Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Dynamics

8.1.   Impact Analysis

8.2.   Drivers

8.3.   Challenges

9.     Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Pricing Analysis

10.  Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Customer Analysis

10.1.Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Buyer Behaviour

10.1.1.   Antiscalant Procurement

10.1.2.   Key Factors Considered While Selecting an Antiscalant Supplier

11.  Competitive Benchmarking

11.1.Sales Mix

11.1.1.   Foreign Vs. Local Manufacturers

11.2.Key Strategies Adopted by Antiscalant Suppliers

12.  Saudi Arabia Antiscalant Market Competition Outlook

12.1.Competitive Benchmarking

12.1.1.   Blending

12.1.2.   Manufacturing/Blending Location

12.1.3.   Average Selling price

12.1.4.   Brand Name

12.2.Company Profiles (Business Description, Business Segments, Product Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/Partnerships, Future Plans, Contact Details)

12.2.1.   Nalco

12.2.2.   Biolab Arabia

12.2.3.   Veolia

12.2.4.   Metito

12.2.5.   Wetico

12.2.6.   American Engineering Services (AES)

12.2.7.   Rawabi Chemicals

12.2.8.   Fouz Chemical Company

12.2.9.   DUBI Chem Marine International

12.2.10.  Reza Industrial Solution

12.2.11.  Avista Technologies

12.2.12.  BASF

13.  Disclaimer

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