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Qatar Catering Services Market Research Report: Forecast (2023-2028)

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Market Definition

The process of preparing and providing food for various events, such as weddings, business events and social gatherings, concessions is known as catering services. Events that are catered can take place either onsite at the ease of a client's place of business or home, or offsite in a hotel, banquet hall, convention center or any other third-party facility.

Market Insights & Analysis: Qatar Catering Services Market (2023-28)

The Qatar Catering Services Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.0% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-28. The growing support by the government to diversify the country’s economy strongly contributes to the growth of the market as the government is focusing on the non-oil sectors such as tourism and healthcare. Under the Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 (QNTSS), the country aims to increase tourist arrivals to 5.6 million by 2030. Therefore, it is anticipated to encourage the construction of new hotels in the country, thereby boosting the need for catering services to serve visitors and customers.

Report Coverage Details
Study Period Historical Data: 2018-21
Base Year: 2022
Forecast Period: 2023-28
CAGR (2023-2028) 6.0%
Region Covered Al Khor, Ad Dawhah, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan
Key Companies Profiled Amwaj Catering, Shaqab, Qatar Star Services, IFS, Tamimi Services Group, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, AYTB Qatar, Perfect Food Catering, PDC Tamween, Dunes Catering, Others
Unit Denominations USD Million/Billion


Further, the increasing construction activities in the country under the National Vision 2030 are projected to introduce new corporate offices, swiftly augmenting the need for such services. Additionally, the growing spending of the government on infrastructure development, including stadiums, to host a series of national & international sports events is anticipated to increase the demand for caterers in stadiums, thus enhancing the Qatar Catering Services Market size in the coming years.

Market Dynamics

Key Driver: Growing Expansion of Corporate Buildings Across the Country

The growing expansion of manufacturing units & service industries in the country as part of the National Vision 2030 for industrial development is a significant factor that positively supported the demand for such dining experiences from the corporate offices. Besides this, the ease of availability of business resources such as labor, infrastructure, and flexible trade policies are the prominent reasons for expanding business activities in the country.

Qatar Catering Services Market Research Report: Forecast (2023-2028)

Moreover, hiring caterers for corporate buildings and various office events has numerous advantages as it provides hassle-free food arrangements, saves time and money, etc., which offers better functioning and management of the office and enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of an organization. Thus, expanding the corporate sector in Qatar owing to developing infrastructure would accelerate the demand for cuisine related services in the forthcoming years.

Possible Restraint: Cost management of Ingredients Creates a Challenge for the Market

The cost of ingredients and supplies is a substantial challenge for catering services in Qatar. The prices of food ingredients and supplies fluctuate significantly as the country is highly dependent on other countries for food due to the limited agricultural activities in the country due to the arid climate and water resources. This further impacts the overall cost of providing catering services. Thus, to remain competitive, caterers require to manage their costs effectively and ensure that their pricing is in line with market trends. Furthermore, the market in Qatar is highly competitive, with many businesses offering similar services and products. Thus, managing the cost of ingredients and supplies in a highly competitive market create a major challenge for the caterers in Qatar to earn appropriate profits for long term sustainability in the market.

Growth Opportunity: Hosting of National and International Events

Qatar has hosted various national and international events in recent years including FIFA World Cup in 2022 and is expected to host various other events in upcoming years as well, as a part of its strategy to promote its economic development. These events require catering services for the audience and participants to enhance their experience.

Moreover, the increasing construction of conference halls, stadiums, and others which are preferred locations for hosting events are providing more opportunities to host events. Thus, the developing infrastructure and a favorable environment in Qatar is expected to increase the number of events hosted by the country during the forecast period, which would accelerate the requirement for such services from these events.

Key Trend: Growing Appetite for Fresh and Healthier Foods Prepared from Sustainable Practices in Catering Services

Over the past few years, the food service providers have altered their focus to offering more nutritious meals created in-house with fresh ingredients relying less on frozen prepared dishes. The sector is also growing due to the improved emphasis on utilizing technology to improve customer experience and shorten wait times in food lines.

In addition, the focus on sustainability that aims to reduce the environmental impact of food production, preparation, and consumption has significantly increased in the Catering Service industry in recent years owing to environmental concerns, government initiatives, environmentally conscious consumers, and several other factors. This has resulted in investments in eco-friendly practices and locally sourced ingredients by various companies like Green Bean Catering, Pure Catering, Sustain Catering, Nourish Catering, etc., in the country, thus contributing to the development of sustainable practices in catering services in Qatar.

Market Segmentation

Based on Type,

  • Contractual
  • Non-Contractual

The Contractual segment has been dominating the Qatar Catering Services market by possesing substantial share over the past few years, and the same trend is anticipated to continue in the upcoming years. The contractual services were widely dominated by the tourism industry, owing to a consistent need to serve both inbound and outbound tourists. Further, with the consistent rise in the number of hospital patients, the demand in Qatar especially after the pandemic, has significantly surged to serve patients with hygienic food requirements. Additionally, as the government is eyeing to welcome millions of visitors in the coming years, for sports-related activities, the demand for better services is anticipated surge in the coming years as well.

Based on End User,

  • Business & Industry
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Defense and Offshore
  • Mining & EPC
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Others

Business & Industry is expected to witness fastest growth in the coming years on account of the increasing focus of the government to enhance infrastructure developments in a bid to attract businesses. Additionally, the government is widely encouraging investments to setup business in the country by offering flexible FDI’s and various tax rebates. These initiatives are anticipated to accelerate the expansion of business units in the country, thereby accelerating the catering industry in the forecast years as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The Qatar Catering Services Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.0% during 2023-28.

A. Rise in the demand of healthy food meal in corporate sector is likely to drive the market further during the projected time frame.

A. The prominent players anticipated to stiffen the competition globally are Gulf Catering Company, Tamimi Global Company Ltd., Saudi Catering & Contracting, Algosaibi Services, Nesma Catering, Saudi Airlines Catering, Al-Suwaiket Catering, Al-Suwaidi Services.

A. Business & industry is anticipated to emerge as an area of remunerative opportunities for the leading players in the Qatar Catering Services Market during the forecast period.

A. Upsurge in the need for fresh and healthier foods is the significant trend projected to shape the Qatar Catering Services Market through 2028.

A. Surging demand for food-away-from-home is expected to present remunerative opportunities for the leading players in the Qatar Catering Services Market during the forecast period.

A. Higher initial investment in catering services business is the possible restraints affecting the growth of the Market.

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      1. Amwaj Catering
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      3. Qatar Star Services
      4. IFS
      5. Tamimi Services Group
      6. Qatar Aircraft Catering Company
      7. AYTB Qatar
      8. Perfect Food Catering
      9. PDC Tamween
      10. Dunes Catering
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