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UAE Telehealth Market Research Report: Forecast (2023-2028)

By Component (Hardware (Medical Peripheral Devices (Blood Glucose Meter, Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure Monitors, ECG Monitors, Others (Weight Scale, Peak Flow Meters)), Telemedicine Monitors), Servi Read more

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  • Jan 2023
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Market Definition

Telehealth refers to the use of communication technologies and digital information to distribute health-related services & information remotely. It offers health care services when the patient & medical professionals are not physically present with each other.

Market Insights

The UAE Telehealth Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-28. Over the past few years, UAE has emerged as a significant healthcare hub and the most preferred destination for medical tourism. It all owes to the nation's unshakable vision and determination to build a world-class healthcare system, offering facilities that are quickly and economically accessible to citizens and residents. As such, the government keeps drafting robust regulatory frameworks to ensure patients' health by providing preventive care and improving patient care delivery.

Thus, areas like telemedicine, virtual care, and remote monitoring of patient's health under telehealth have attracted substantial investments by the organizations such as Abu Dhabi's Department of Health (DoH), MoHAP, ADQ, Mubadala, and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). These entities are bringing their focus on setting higher medical accreditation standards and innovating new medical techniques, including advanced diagnostics that detect and treat early chronic and lifestyle ailments.

Report Coverage Details
Study Period Historical Data: 2018-21
Base Year: 2022
Forecast Period: 2023-28
CAGR (2023-2028) 25%
Region Covered Dubai, Abu Dhabi & AI Ain, Sharjah & Northern Emirates
Key Companies Profiled, Insta doctor, Medcare, Mubadala Health, NextGen Healthcare, OKADOC, Trydoc 24x7, vHealth, VSee, Others
Unit Denominations USD Million/Billion


Besides, expanding privatization and substantial digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem have furthered healthcare expenditure with the ever-increased indulgence of tech leaders in the medical sector. With multiple mergers and acquisitions, companies like, Medcare, NextGen Healthcare, and OKADOC are constantly developing new technological solutions or mobile applications to ensure high-quality care for patients in UAE. However, citing the favorable regulations and lucrative prospects for telehealth services or technology providers in UAE, numerous entrepreneurs from across the world are likely to stiffen the competition in the forecast period.

Although telehealth has been in the nation for more than a decade, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic provided the necessary impetus to industry growth. As such, telehealth services such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), store-and-forward, real-time interaction, and others have witnessed a steep surge, as in-person visits to clinics & hospitals were strictly prohibited. Additionally, the pandemic has provided immense opportunities to the industry by offering an attractive, affordable, and effective solution alongside the technological advancements in existing software and devices.

  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Introduction
    1. Product Definition
    2. Research Process
    3. Assumptions
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Impact of COVID-19 on UAE Telehealth Market
  5. UAE Telehealth Market Start-Up Ecosystem
    1. Entrepreneurial Activity Year on Year
    2. Funding Received
    3. Funding Received by Top Companies
    4. Key Investors Active in the Market
  6. UAE Telehealth Market Trends & Developments
  7. UAE Telehealth Market Dynamics
    1. Growth Drivers
    2. Challenges
  8. UAE Telehealth Market Hotspots & Opportunities
  9. UAE Telehealth Market Regulations & Policy
  10. UAE Telehealth Market Outlook, 2018-2028F
    1. Market Size & Analysis
      1. By Revenues (USD Million)
    2. Market Share & Analysis
      1. By Component 
        1. Hardware
          1. Medical Peripheral Devices
            1. Blood Glucose Meter
            2. Pulse Oximeters
            3. Blood Pressure Monitors
            4. ECG Monitors
            5. Others (Weight Scale, Peak Flow Meters)
          2. Telemedicine Monitors
        2. Services
          1. Remote Patient monitoring (RPM)
          2. Store-and-Forward
          3. Real-time interaction
        3. Software
      2. By Mode of Delivery
        1. Web/App based
        2. Cloud based
        3. On premise
      3. By Application
        1. Telemedicine
        2. Patient Monitoring
        3. Medical Education
      4. By End Users
        1. Providers 
        2. Payers
        3. Patients
      5. By Region
        1. Dubai
        2. Abu Dhabi & AI Ain
        3. Sharjah & Northern Emirates
      6. By Company
        1. Competition Characteristics
        2. Revenue Shares & Analysis
  11. UAE Telehealth Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success & Growth
  12. Competition Outlook
    1. Competition Matrix
      1. Product Portfolio
      2. Target Markets
      3. Research & Development
      4. Strategic Alliances
      5. Strategic Initiatives
    2. Company Profiles (Business Description, Product Segments, Business Segments, Financials, Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships, Future Plans)
      2. Insta doctor
      3. Medcare
      4. Mubadala Health
      5. NextGen Healthcare
      6. OKADOC
      7. Trydoc 24x7
      8. vHealth
      9. VSee
      10. Others
  13. Disclaimer
UAE Telehealth Market Segmentation
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