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China Air Purifier Market Analysis, 2020

By Type of Filter (HEPA + Activated Carbon, HEPA + Electrostatic Precipitator, HEPA + Activated Carbon + Other Technology, HEPA + Ion & Ozone), By Sales Channel (Online, Offline), ...By End Users (Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional), By Region (North, East, North East, Central, South, North West, South West), By Organized Vs Unorganized, By Company Read more

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The surging consumption of coal in the country is increase the pollution levels in the environment. In 2019, the China Electricity Council (CEC) proposed the 1300GW coal power capacity cap for 2030, which is expected to lead China into building 2 coal power stations per month for the next 12 years. The initiative can lead to an increase the amount of air pollutants level in the country, thereby being a key reason in the boost of the demand for air purifiers in the years to come.

According to the MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled “China Air Purifier Market Analysis, 2020”, the Air Purifier market is projected to register a CAGR of around 23% during 2020-25. A considerable increase in disposable income is considered one of the major drivers for the growth of China Air Purifier market. Therefore, the demand for air purifiers witnessed robust growth in the residential sector in 2019. However, the market share for the commercial sector in the China Air Purifier market is expected to grow in the years to come due to the increasing occurrence of bacterial infections and other communicable infections. Therefore, several companies are installing air filtration systems in the building, which is estimated to increase the demand for air purifiers in the country.

The major players with a substantial market share in the China Air Purifier market include Philips, Panasonic, Beijing Yadu Environmental Protection, Sharp Electronics, Daiken Industries, Blue Air, etc.

According to MarkNtel Advisorsthese companies are introducing a range of new air purifiers and boosting the sales by expanding the workforce to have a dominant position from their competitors.

Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report 

  1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of China Air Purifier Market?
  2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
  3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations, growth drivers and challenges in the China Air Purifier Market?  
  4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in China Air Purifier Market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
  5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of China Air Purifier Market study?   

Market Outlook, Segmentation and Statistics 

  • Market Size & Analysis
    • By Revenues
    • By Units Sold
  • Market Share & Analysis
    • By Filter Type
      • HEPA + Activated Carbon
      • HEPA + Electrostatic Precipitator
      • HEPA + Activated Carbon + Other Technology
      • HEPA + Ion & Ozone
    • By Sales Channel
      • Online Sales
      • Offline Sales
    • By End Users
      • Commercial
      • Residential
      • Industrial
      • Institutional
    • By Region
      • North
      • East
      • North East
      • Central
      • South
      • North West
      • South West
    • By Company
    • By Organized & Unorganized Sector
  • China Air Purifier Market Regulations
  • China Air Purifier Market Winning Strategies, 2019
    • Investment Scenario
    • Hotspots
  • China Air Purifier Market Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What would be the growth rate or CAGR of China Air Purifier Market during 2020-25?
A. The market size of China Air Purifier Market during 2020-25 is forecast to be around 23%.

Q. Which type of Air Purifier would grab the highest market share during 2020-25?
A. It is forecast that HEPA+Activated Carbon+other technology will dominate the market with majority market share, with market size registering considerably higher CAGR.

Q. Who are the key competitors or players operating in China Air Purifier Market? 
A. Philips, Panasonic, Beijing Yadu Environmental Protection, Sharp Electronics, Daiken Industries, Blue Air are few of the leading players in the China Air Purifier Market.

Q. Does the report scope cover region wise market statistics also?
A. Yes, the scope of the report encompass detailed region wise statistics such as market size, market segmentation based on various subcategories.

Q. Which end user segment would emerge as an opportunity area for players in Chinese Air Purifier Market?
A. Residential segments will continue to grow at a highest CAGR, presenting immense opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of Air Purifier in Chinese market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Introduction

1.1.   Product Definition

1.2.   Research Process

1.3.   Assumptions

1.4.   Market Segmentation

2.     Executive Summary

3.     Expert Verbatim- What our Experts Say?

4.     China Macroeconomic Outlook

5.     China Air Purifier Market Analysis, 2015-2025F

5.1.   Market Size & Analysis

5.1.1. By Revenues

5.1.2. By Units Sold

5.2.   Market Share & Analysis

5.2.1. By Filter Type  HEPA + Activated Carbon  HEPA + Electrostatic Precipitator  HEPA + Activated Carbon + Other Technology  HEPA + Ion & Ozone

5.2.2. By Sales Channel  Online Sales  Offline Sales

5.2.3. By End Users  Commercial  Residential  Industrial  Institutional

5.2.4. By Region  North  East  North East  Central  South  North West  South West

5.2.5. By Company

5.2.6. By Organized & Unorganized Sector

6.     China HEPA + Activated Carbon Market Analysis, 2015-2025F

6.1.   Market Size & Analysis

6.1.1. By Revenues

6.1.2. By Units Sold

6.2.   Market Share & Analysis

6.2.1. By Sales Channel

6.2.2. By End Users

6.2.3. By Region

6.2.4. By Company

6.2.5. Pricing Analysis

7.     China HEPA + Electrostatic Precipitator Market Analysis, 2015-2025F

7.1.   Market Size & Analysis

7.1.1. By Revenues

7.1.2. By Units Sold

7.2.   Market Share & Analysis

7.2.1. By Sales Channel

7.2.2. By End Users

7.2.3. By Region

7.2.4. By Company

7.2.5. Pricing Analysis

8.     China HEPA + Ion & Ozone Market Analysis, 2015-2025F

8.1.   Market Size & Analysis

8.1.1. By Revenues

8.1.2. By Units Sold

8.2.   Market Share & Analysis

8.2.1. By Sales Channel

8.2.2. By End Users

8.2.3. By Region

8.2.4. By Company

8.2.5. Pricing Analysis

9.     China HEPA + Activated Carbon + Other Technology Market Analysis, 2015-2025F

9.1.   Market Size & Analysis

9.1.1. By Revenues

9.1.2. By Units Sold

9.2.   Market Share & Analysis

9.2.1. Pricing Analysis

10.  China Air Purifier Market Regulations

11.  China Air Purifier Market Trends & Developments

12.  China Air Purifier Market Dynamics

12.1.Impact Analysis



13.  China Air Purifier Market, Customer Buying Behaviour, 2019

13.1.Factors Influencing Customer’s Decision

13.2.Priority Matrix of Customer’s Need

13.3.Customer and Service Provider Proximity Analysis

14.  China Air Purifier Market Winning Strategies, 2019

14.1.Investment Scenario


15.  China Air Purifier Market Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

16.  Competitive Benchmarking

16.1.Competition Matrix

16.1.1. Product Portfolio

16.1.2. Target Markets

16.1.3. Target End Users

16.1.4. Research & Development

16.1.5. Strategic Alliances

16.1.6. Strategic Initiatives

16.2.Company Profiles (Business Description, Product Offering, Strategic Alliances or Partnerships, etc.)

16.2.1. Philips

16.2.2. Panasonic

16.2.3. Beijing Yadu Environmental Protection

16.2.4. Sharp Electronics

16.2.5. Daiken Industries

16.2.6. Blue Air

16.2.7. Honeywell International

16.2.8. LG Electronics

16.2.9. ADA Electrotech (XIAMEN) Co., Ltd.

16.2.10.  Olansi

17.  Disclaimer

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