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Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Research Report: Forecast (2023-2028)

By Product Type (Dietary Supplements (Proteins & Peptides, Vitamins & Minerals, Herbals (Ayurveda Extracts, Plant Extracts, Algal Extracts, And ,Phytochemicals), Others (Fatty Acids and Fiber)), Funct Read more

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  • Nov 2022
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Market Definition

Nutraceutical is a combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals. It is basically any food or its components that provide medicinal or health benefits, alongside facilitating prevention from chronic disease, offering delayed aging process, and sometimes treating the disease. A nutraceutical comprises nutrient-rich or medicinally active food, such as garlic or soybean. It may also be a specific food component, such as the omega-3 fish oil derived from salmon and other cold-water fish.

Market Insights

The Egypt Nutraceuticals Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 11.11% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-28. The market is predominantly propelled by the increasing awareness of consumers toward the health benefits of nutraceuticals as well as the food & beverages sector, including the nutraceuticals in edible products. Other prominent factors stimulating the demand for nutraceutical products in the country are the strengthening pharmacy and retail sectors, which have led to advancements in product offerings.

Report Coverage Details
Study Period Historical Data: 2018-21
Base Year: 2022
Forecast Period: 2023-28
CAGR (2023-2026) 11.11%
Key Companies Profiled Bayer Middle East FZE, Vitabiotics Ltd, Nestlé Egypt S.A.E, Danone Egypt, BASF FZE, Torrent Pharma, Juhayna Food Industries, NPMT, PepsiCo Inc, Nerhadou International
Unit Denominations USD Million/Billion


Further, with the high intake of sugary & oily food products, along with comfortable lifestyle adoption, lifestyle-based diseases in the country have become widespread. These diseases include diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, etc., which have been some of the leading causes of death in the country. The rising prevalence of these diseases has called for more dietary supplement needs across Egypt, thereby bolstering the Nutraceuticals Market growth in the coming years.

Moreover, being one of the largest producers of grapes and berries across Africa and the Middle East, Egypt's market has gained traction in the past few years. It is primarily because of the large-scale incorporation of these grapes seeds & leaves and mulberry leaves as plant by-products in the production of nutrient and bioactive compounds. These compounds can be used in innovative and value-added products related to food and pharmaceutical applications. The biological functions of these plants' by-products are responsible for numerous benefits achieved through their integration into functional foods, nutraceuticals, and nutritional therapy.

  1. Introduction
    1. Product Definition
    2. Research Process
    3. Market Segmentation
    4. Assumptions
  2. Preface
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Impact of COVID-19 on Egypt Nutraceuticals Market
  5. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Trends & Insights
  6. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Dynamics
    1. Growth Drivers
    2. Challenges
  7. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Hotspot & Opportunities
  8. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Policies, Regulations, Product Standards
  9. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Outlook, 2018-2028
    1. Market Size & Analysis
      1. By Revenues
    2. Market Share & Analysis
      1. By Product Type
        1. Dietary Supplements
          1. Proteins & Peptides
          2. Vitamins & Minerals
          3. Herbals (Ayurveda Extracts, Plant Extracts, Algal Extracts, And Phytochemicals)
          4. Others (Fatty Acids and Fiber)
        2. Functional Foods
          1. Probiotics Fortified Food
          2. Omega Fatty Acid Fortified Food
          3. Branded Ionized Salt
          4. Branded Wheat Flour
          5. Others
        3. Functional Beverages
          1. Fruit & Vegetable Juices and Drinks
          2. Dairy & Dairy Alternative Drinks
          3. Non-Carbonated Drinks (Bottled Water, Tea, And Coffee)
          4. Other (Herbal Tea, Sports Drinks, And Energy Drinks)
      2. By Source
        1. Plant
        2. Animal
        3. Microbial
      3. By Form
        1. Tablets & Capsules
        2. Gummies & Soft Gels
        3. Powder & Liquid
      4. By Sales Channel
        1. Offline Store-Based
          1. Supermarkets & Hypermarkets
          2. Specialty Stores
        2. Online
      5. By Company
        1. Revenue Shares
        2. Competition Characteristics
  10. Egypt Tablets & Capsule Nutraceuticals Market Outlook, 2018-2028
    1. Market Size & Analysis
      1. Revenues
    2. Market Share & Analysis
      1. By Source
  11. Egypt Gummies & Soft Gels Nutraceuticals Market Outlook, 2018-2028
    1. Market Size & Analysis
      1. Revenues
    2. Market Share & Analysis
      1. By Source
  12. Egypt Powder & Liquid Nutraceuticals Market Outlook, 2018-2028
    1. Market Size & Analysis
      1. Revenues
    2. Market Share & Analysis
      1. By Source
  13. Egypt Nutraceuticals Market Key Strategic Imperatives for Success & Growth
  14. Competition Outlook
    1. Competition Matrix
      1. Product/ Solution Portfolio
      2. Target Markets
      3. Research & Development
      4. Strategic Alliances
      5. Strategic Initiatives
    2. Company Profiles of Top Companies (Business Description, Product Segment, Business Segment, Financials, Strategic Alliances or Partnerships, Future Plans)
      1. Bayer Middle East FZE
      2. Vitabiotics Ltd
      3. Nestlé Egypt S.A.E
      4. Danone Egypt
      5. BASF FZE
      6. Torrent Pharma
      7. Juhayna Food Industries
      8. NPMT
      9. PepsiCo Inc
      10. Nerhadou International
  15. Disclaimer
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