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Government Initiatives to Support Digitalization of Healthcare to Proliferate the Latin American EHR Market

The Latin America Electronic Health Record Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8.12% during the forecast period, 2022-27, says MarkNtel Advisors in their recent research report. The factors responsible for the market growth are the various benefits of EHR, such as storing patients’ medical history & data, diagnosis, immunization dates, laboratory test results, etc., on a digital platform. Further, overcoming healthcare challenges such as concerns about keeping patients' earlier medical records on paper have propelled the demand for electronic health records in healthcare units such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc., to support the better treatment of patients in the future.

Moreover, the aging population in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Chile, in combination with various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, has caused a significant increase in demand for modernized healthcare platforms. Additionally, the digitization of patients' medical records, along with the implementation of health information systems to store bulk data generated in the region, resulted in the rising electronic health market.

Furthermore, the rising regulations by the governments of Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, etc., as well as a large number of investments to support the digitalization of healthcare units, are further expected to drive the market of electronic health records in Latin America during the forecast period. For instance, in 2021, the Government of Colombia made a regulation for the adoption of electronic health records, which would store patients’ medical history such as pathologies, surgeries performed, treatments, etc.

Patient Management Function Held a Significant Share in the Global CRM Software Market

Based on function, the market is divided into Patient Management, E-prescription, Schedule Appointments, Bill payments, and Others. Among them, Patient Management witnessed substantial market growth in the EHR market, as it allows doctors & other medical professionals to maintain patient data quickly, conduct record safety audits, and respond to possible threats with limited liability. Besides, EHR also allows the patient to share their follow-up records with their doctors & provides them with real-time access to crucial medical information such as diagnostic or lab test results.

Furthermore, EHR bridges the gap between certain types of clinical labor, such as diagnostic documentation & others. Besides, the rising prevalence of cardiovascular disease and growing government investment in healthcare facilities are expected to augment the market for electronic health records market. Thus, this would further escalate the growth of patient management in the near future.

Mexico to Witness Substantial Growth in the Years to Come

Geographically, the Mexico Electronic Health Records market experienced significant growth during 2017-19, owing to the rising adoption of new hospital information systems & the surging government initiative towards the adoption of digitized electronic health records. Besides, the adoption of health record systems is increasing to surge data security, surge efficiency in resources & clinical management processes, and reduce cost & waiting time for the patient in the hospitals.

In addition, the application of health records in the hospital allows the doctors to gather data on the patient & provide treatment to the patient accordingly, reveals MarkNtel Advisors in their research report, "Latin America Electronic Health Records Market Analysis, 2027."

Key Market Competitors

According to MarkNtel Advisors, the leading players in the Latin America Electronic Health Records Market are Mural Med, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., GE Healthcare, Cerner Corporation, Epic Systems Corporation, Greenway Health, McKesson Corporation, Modernizing Medicine, NextGen Healthcare, AdvancedMD, CureMD

Key Questions Answered in the Study

  1. What are the current & future trends in the Latin America Electronic Health Records Market?
  2. How has the industry been evolving in terms of geography & product adoption?
  3. How has the competition been shaping across various countries, followed by their comparative factorial indexing?
  4. What are the key growth drivers & challenges for the Latin America Electronic Health Records Market?
  5. What are the customer orientation, purchase behavior, and expectations from product providers across various countries?

Market Segmentation:

  1. By Product Type (Cloud, On-premise)
  2. By Function (Patient Management, E-prescription, Schedule Appointments, Bill Payment, Others (Referral Management, etc.))
  3. By End User (Hospitals, Clinics, Specialty Centers, Labs)
  4. By Country (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Rest of Latin America)
  5. By Competitors (Mural Med, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., GE Healthcare, Cerner Corporation, Epic Systems Corporation, Greenway Health, McKesson Corporation, Modernizing Medicine, NextGen Healthcare, AdvancedMD, CureMD)