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Global Cancer Pain Management Market to Record a Substantial CAGR of Around 5.60% During 2024-2030

The Global Cancer Pain Management Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.60% during the forecast period of 2024-30, cites MarkNtel Advisors in the recent research report. The increasing number of different types of cancer cases and the rising geriatric population are resulting in a higher demand for cancer pain management solutions in regions like North America, Europe & Asia-Pacific. The patients suffering from cancer undergo complex & critical treatment owing to which they experience body pain & severe headaches. Therefore, healthcare practitioners prescribe cancer pain management drugs to their patients to help them reduce & ease the pain caused by the treatment, positively impacting the growth of the overall Cancer Pain Management market. 

Furthermore, With the increased burden of the geriatric population, the incidence of cancer has increased enormously across the world. This has further supported the adoption of cancer pain management drugs for relief from moderate to severe pain, thus propelling the Global Cancer Pain Management Market.

Moreover, several individuals across the globe are experiencing severe health concerns such as diabetes & obesity. These overweight and obese individuals are at higher risk of cancers, like breast, colorectal, esophageal, kidney, etc. As a result, the demand for cancer pain management drugs has increased, propelling the overall market for Cancer Pain Management.

Global Cancer Pain Management Market

Additionally, government & Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) are increasingly launching awareness programs and initiatives to promote early disease diagnosis and treatment. These efforts are encouraging individuals to undergo regular health check-ups, including full-body screenings, to detect diseases like cancer and receive necessary treatments, including the use of cancer pain medications, eventually contributing to the growth of the overall market, further states the research report, “Global Cancer Pain Management Market Analysis, 2024.”

Global Cancer Pain Management Market Segmentation Analysis

Opioids Segment Dominated the Global Cancer Pain Management Market

Based on the drug class, the market is further categorized into Opioids and Non-Opioids. Of them all, the Opioids segment held a major market share. A higher number of patients with different cancer types, such as prostate, breast, and others experience pain. Therefore, it is becoming essential for individuals to opt for opioids to relive the pain since they help in the management of moderate to severe pain particularly in those at an advanced stage of the disease. As a result, their usage has witnessed growth, propelling the overall opioid segment market. Also, most healthcare professionals are familiar with prescribing opioids for cancer pain management due to their long history of use and efficacy in palliative care, which further enhances the segmental market growth. Moreover, the fact that opioids are typically covered by health insurance plans, and are more accessible and affordable for patients contributes to the category's growth.

North America Witnessed Considerable Growth in the Global Cancer Pain Management Market

In the dynamic landscape of the Global Cancer Pain Management Market, North America stands tall as a frontrunner. The dominance has been attributed to the prevalence of various cancer types, which has accelerated the demand for cancer pain management drugs belonging to different classes such as opioids and non-opioids.

Additionally, the region’s increased elderly population, who are at risk for different cancer types including breast and prostate cancer, has positively driven the growth of the North American Cancer Pain Management Market.

Competitive Landscape

With strategic initiatives, such as mergers, collaborations, and acquisitions, the leading market players, including Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Pfizer Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lupin, Forte Bio-Pharma LLC, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Collegium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., Napp Pharmaceuticals, Zentiva Group, Mundipharma International, G.L. Pharma., etc., are looking forward to strengthening their market position.

Key Questions Answered in the Research Report

  1. What are the industry’s overall statistics or estimates (Overview, Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Segmentation, Shares)?
  2. What are the trends influencing the current scenario of the Global Cancer Pain Management Market?
  3. What key factors would propel and impede the industry across the region?
  4. How has the industry been evolving in terms of geography & product adoption?
  5. How has the competition been shaping across various regions?
  6. How has the buying behavior, customer inclination, and expectations from product manufacturers been evolving during 2019-30?
  7. Who are the key competitors, and what strategic partnerships or ventures are they coming up with to stay afloat during the projected time frame?

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