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Smart Home Solutions: Making Lives Easier

Published Date: 17th Feb 2022

Smart Home technology has swiftly gained momentum and is used principally to automate the home, allowing users to control almost all house aspects with the help of sensors based on the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart Home solutions are amongst the fastest growing technologies & their potential is anticipated to grow substantially in the coming years. They are used for home security, monitoring energy consumption, controlling appliances, personal assistance, and looking after the elderly, pets, infants, or disabled.

With benefits like affordability, easy use & installation, etc., smart home applications are widening extensively across the Middle East. According to a research report, the Middle East Smart Homes Market is expecting around 24% CAGR during 2021-26. Let’s read the blog further and find more about some basic applications of Smart Home devices & solutions.

  1. Smart Speakers

There is so much more in smart speakers than just playing music. Their adoption is increasing rapidly for homes due to their capabilities to provide weather forecasts, search on the internet, news debriefing, and act as a central control hub for the smart home system & even work as a personal assistant. With the most suitable smart speakers, you can control pretty much every aspect of your home using your voice.

  1. Smart TVs

When it comes to entertainment, a Smart TV is like an umbrella statement for a majority of video streaming devices connected with the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, many such devices can connect with your home speakers & central control hub, and make your home smarter. 

  1. Video Door Bells

With rising concerns associated with safety & home security, Video Door Bells are coming in very handy across homes. With capabilities like sensing & alerting when someone is at the door, showing video footage of who is there, the intercom technology enables you to talk to the visitor & even allow their entry at the home premise, without the need to attend the doors. 

  1. Smart Plugs

These devices are known to transform a device into their smarter versions by plugging these devices in outlets. Any device that is powered with this outlet can be easily turned on or off using the smart device. 

  1. Light Automation

The most extensively used smart home solution include smart lighting or lighting automation. With their installation, you can simply control the lighting systems of your house from the smartphones application. In fact, these solutions allow the user to change the lighting themes, colors, dim or brighten the room, turn on or off the lights by sensing the presence of a person, among various other facilities. Besides, while, on one hand, these solutions are affordable and swiftly gaining traction, some variants, on the other hand, might include complicated installations due to an extensive range of facilities & features.

  1. Smart Thermostats

A cozy ambiance at home after a long day can take all the stress. This is where smart thermostats can help in setting up the right temperature at your home using sensors that automatically change the temperature as per requirements. Besides, these technologies also allow users to remotely monitor the HVAC through smartphone applications.


Smart Home technologies are making lives easier in several ways by delivering an extensive range of services. With rapid technological advancements in smart home technologies and the increasing penetration of IoT, these solutions are gaining immense momentum in homes. Moreover, the rising inclination toward home modernization & adoption of energy efficiency devices is another crucial aspect that shall infuse the utilization of smart home systems and boost the Middle East Smart Homes Market in the coming years.

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