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How is Baby Food becoming increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia?
Published Date: 06 Apr 2023

Baby Food is packaged food made especially with nutrition-rich content to deliver appropriate nutrients to the little ones. This food can range across any soft & easy to consume food other than breastmilk, made particularly for babies between four & six months up to two years old. Moreover, since babies are delicate and need utmost care, food regulation associations throughout the globe lay out stringent screening levels to ensure that baby food reaches high-quality standards & packed safely with all the nutrients. The emerging health & wellness trends, the increasing number of working women, and the lack of time for cooking due to their busy lifestyles, coupled with the growing interest of parents in child nutrition, are helping baby food product manufacturers gain traction in Saudi Arabia.

Consumers in the country are highly inclined towards products with different types of flavors & dietary supplements, owing to which several companies are coming up with various new products to meet the demand and provide more new & healthy options. In view of these trends, a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors has revealed that the Saudi Arabia Baby Food Market is set to register around 6.1% CAGR during 2023-28. While baby food is widely produced & delivered in the market, it is intriguing to know the different aspects infusing their demand in Saudi Arabia. Have a look:

  • Rising Awareness & Easy Availability

With the rising population & awareness about the presence & benefits of baby food, the demand for these products is growing substantially across Saudi Arabia. In fact, females from both urban & rural areas are increasingly adopting baby food to feed their little ones with the right nutrition for enhanced immunity. As a result, the need for constant availability of baby food across different sales channels like online platforms, retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, among others, is augmenting the need to increase production. 

  • Working Female Population

With a growing working population in the country, it might become difficult to deliver the most suitable amount of nutrition to the little ones in the busy lifestyle. Hence, the demand for baby food is escalating dramatically, where the working population is viewed as the largest buyer of baby food. Additionally, with the growing awareness about the benefits like a high content of fruits & vegetables, low sodium & fat, easy to prepare, etc., of baby food, these working females are inclining more toward adopting baby food. 

  • A Wide Variety

While manufacturers are increasing their production capacities, the advent of new flavors with different nutritional values to suffice children with varied requirements has further fueled the availability of baby food across different distribution channels. Strategies like bulk volume & effective merchandising, coupled with the rising availability of baby food packed with ingredients like probiotics & human milk oligosaccharides, a large number of consumers have shifted toward organic & plant-based baby food. 

Through the factors cited above, we learned that parents are increasingly adopting baby food as it benefits the health of little ones to resist toxins, infections, disease, and fight vulnerabilities. Additionally, the growing population levels and rising awareness among people about various perks of feeding baby food to infants are set to create lucrative prospects for the leading companies participating in the baby food industry across Saudi Arabia over the coming years.

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