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What Significance Does Multivitamin Drinks Hold for Health Management?
Published Date: 04 Oct 2022

Covid-19 has left its footprint on almost every dimension of our lives, where holistic health & wellness have been the core. It surely made people more aware of their habits, particularly those associated with health & hygiene. Such parameters have showcased a rise in the adoption of nutrient-rich food habits, dietary supplements, physical activities, environment, & whatnot. It is also observed that people have become more accustomed to functional food & beverages to strengthen their immune system and attain overall balanced health, & you may call the trigger an aftereffect of the pandemic. 

The inclusion of high-end products without having to miss out on essential nutrients has been frequent in recent years. With growing health consciousness, people no longer rely on the usual diet to fulfill their nutritional needs. In fact, they are on the constant lookout for dietary supplements or multivitamin drinks to give a boost to their metabolism & energy levels. Perhaps, it is why there has been an explosion in consumer interest in multivitamin drinks. In fact, as per MarkNtel Advisors, the Global Multivitamin Drinks Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.8% during 2022-27. 

Numerous factors are backing the high demand for these drinks throughout the world. If this has piqued you already, let’s unfold each layer to find out more about these factors backing the market expansion. But first, let us understand a quick brief on multivitamins and their numerous modes of consumption available in the market.

What are Multivitamins & How are they Vital for the Human Body?

To regulate smooth functioning, the human body needs certain types of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, etc., that can be obtained from a healthy diet. However, busy schedules and improper diets have restrained many people to feed themselves with adequate nutrients via the usual diet. It is also where the need to supplement ourselves from external sources arises. 

To meet Regulatory Dietary Allowance (RDA), it is pertinent to enrich our diet with multivitamins, composed of essential nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, and D, iron, magnesium, and many more. Although tablets, powder, and tonics are already available in the market, multivitamin drinks, being the newer variant, is swiftly gaining popularity. For instance, 

  • Mary Ruth, one of the key manufacturers of Multivitamins, has introduced a nutritional drink, namely Liquid Morning Multivitamin, that includes amino acids, minerals, and multiple essential vitamins for revitalizing metabolism. 

Some may call easy-to-carry packaging an advantage behind the massive sales of these drinks while other aspects include the growing knowledge among consumers about the availability & perks of these multivitamin drinks. These parameters are augmenting the demand and generate growth opportunities for the leading players to widen their product portfolio, production, and distribution capacities across locations. 

Moreover, strategic marketing campaigns by prominent brands with endorsements by celebrities and fitness role models, among others, are also attracting a substantial consumer base for multivitamin drinks and shaping the industry. Nonetheless, the growing prevalence of people suffering from malnutrition is also guided by to add multivitamin drinks to their diets, which in turn, is demonstrating a positive outlook to the market. 

Popular Types of Multivitamin Drinks Available in The Market

  • Sports drink 

These drinks are formulated to revive the lost nutrients in people during rigorous workouts. They are intended for athletes & fitness enthusiasts who need to hydrate their bodies with suitable electrolytes immediately after exercise. Sports drinks not only reduce muscle cramps but also helps in restoring water content lost after excessive sweating. With rapid urbanization, the number of gyms & fitness centers is popping up, enabling a higher need for more sports drinks in the coming years. Ample of these products are already available in the stores. For instance, 

  • Nuun brand, recently acquired by Nestle, offers a sports drink, namely Nuun sports, which is a low-sugar tablet meant to be dissolved in water for instant hydration. The best part, it comes in more than ten flavors, including strawberry, mango, grapes, orange, lime, etc.
  • Energy drink

Unlike Sports drinks, Energy drinks along with multivitamins have stimulants like caffeine that make them the perfect choice for people looking to boost their energy levels instantly. Besides, caffeine energy drinks may have considerable sugar, herbal extracts, taurine, & amino acids. Due to the presence of caffeine, it is not advisable to take energy drinks as a thirst quencher. For instance, 

  • Strong Energy Drink with Ginseng, a product by Rita Foods & Drink Co. Ltd enriched with caffeine, taurine, and B group vitamins not just boosts energy but also enhances work and study performance. With its attractive aroma and sweet taste, it offers an instant feeling of refreshment and coolness.
  • Milk/ Milk Shakes

With an adequate amount of proteins, fibers, minerals, & vitamins, the multivitamins milk mixes are meant to elevate your energy levels. People who have an affinity for dairy products may consider buying them to enhance their overall well-being and fulfilling the unmet nutrient requirements. These drinks are particularly popular among the younger generation and are swiftly gaining traction globally. 

  • Fizz Drinks

Fizz Drinks are one of the most popular drinks among people and are a variation of an acidic juice like lemon or lime & carbonated water. These are usually bubbly, sweet, & tangy, with a light refreshing taste, & are popular among youth as the healthier alternative to colas.

Winding Up

What started as a fad during Covid-19 times has now become a necessity for us. Citing a large-scale prevalence of malnutrition across the globe, it can be concluded that multivitamins drinks are set to witness substantial growth in the coming years on the back of high demand by people with different needs. The same aspect shall also instigate the leading players to increase their production & distribution capacities to cater to the rising demands globally. With so many new flavors & amazing benefits in regulating metabolism, multivitamins have become indispensable to diet and ultimately fuelling the overall expansion of the Global Multivitamin Drinks Market growth through 2027.

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