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A Deep Dive into the Content Moderation Solutions Market
Published Date: 05 May 2022

Talking about the internet, it was long back when it just came into existence and offered access to people for content. Yet, while there was a point when these accessibilities were geographically limited, it is not the case now. Today, the internet penetration is massive & accessible to a majority of people globally, who can easily connect & go through different content available online using just their smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc.

However, the era of the internet has been taken over extensively by the media & entertainment industry, where there are minimal to no obligations to the content you access. In fact, the prevalence of social media is robust today and acts as a primary source to share or gather different types of information, opinion, statements, etc.

As a result, some content could be explicit, harmful, illegal, offensive, or controversial and might cause disputes. Therefore, different countries have several rules & regulations set by their regulatory bodies to limit what "cannot" be posted or shared online. Such content mainly includes any text, audio, video, or other content exhibiting fake information, harmful or violent content, & controversial topics, among others.

Every industry that has something to deal with content has to abide by the regulations set by content moderators and abide by them. Content moderation is rapidly becoming a necessity since the access & penetration of 3G, 4G, & 5G networks is expanding globally. The main concerns are for the growing population of young minds that pretty much learn from what they see, and when there is no moderation in the content, it can have a consequential effect on the children. Similarly goes with the opinion, cultures, and life of people of different races, religions, communities, countries, etc.

Content moderation solutions offer a set of services to control what type of content can be shared on the internet & what should not. These solutions also have access to remove anything that does not fall under the category of safe. The lack of such services & solutions can critically harm the world through digital platforms in several ways.

The Prominence of Content Moderation Solutions

While the public has free will to post anything & everything they wish, organizations or brands might face severe consequences if someone might try to interfere in their matters by spreading false news or content. Hence, the demand for these solutions is pretty much everywhere, owing to which the Global Content Moderation Solutions Market is set to register around 10.76% CAGR during 2022-27. Let us read the blog until the end to find out more.

  • Preserving & Protecting Brand Reputation

While most organizations are investing substantially in their media & content to increase their visibility & brand name worldwide, they are also procuring content moderation solutions to track their media platforms & make sure no offensive content is spread. Besides, it also protects an organization from misleading or accusing content and addressing them suitably, thereby preserving its reputation. Just imagine how difficult it would be for Mark Zuckerberg to explain how Facebook works & ensures users' data security as a consequence of some accusation.  

  • Mapping Customer Journey

The online shopping industry is expanding swiftly & becoming pretty much a go-to medium for shopping from an endless number of brands designs, and countries. Hence, several organizations in this industry are procuring content moderation solutions to map down their customer's journey & help them find what they are looking for, and even show similar or trending options under their market strategies. As people are very likely to try out new things now & then and keep up with the trends, mapping their journey on the internet gives the organization a competitive edge in understanding customer needs and expanding its visibility globally. 

  • Identification of Extreme Campaigns 

While media & content can be great for spreading information, opinions, awareness, etc., very easily in the right direction, they can also be misused to create disputes and conflicts among people in several different ways. Therefore, content moderation solutions govern the content on the internet & identify campaigns that might be misusing the platform, spreading radical motives, and might be backing terrorist organizations. 

Different Types of Content Moderation Solutions

By far, we have understood that content moderation is crucial & has a vast application in almost all kinds of businesses, especially when it comes to their digital space. Thus, as each industry is different and has varied requirements for these solutions, there are different types of moderations applying to each industry like:

  • Pre-Moderation

These moderation solutions are used extensively by the video-sharing applications to govern and track that no politically motivated content is shared with the public on different platforms. In these solutions, all the pieces of the content are submitted by the users & sent for verification to the moderation regulatory bodies for the identification of any political motives or other controversial data. 

  • Post Moderation

The perfect example for understanding the application of Post-Moderation solutions is YouTube. This type of moderation reviews the content after they are posted on the internet and makes changes to offer a clean & harmless content sharing. 

  • Reactive Moderation

These moderation solutions are used when a ticket is raised or content is reported offensive to have explicit content. Then the moderators analyze it and make the changes or remove it entirely, depending upon the intensity of the content. 

  • Automated Moderation

Automated moderation solutions are swiftly gaining momentum and are widely used for moderation in content using sophisticated tools & filters using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are aligned with the regulations set by the authorities over the type of content that can be & cannot be shared. 

Wrapping Up

By the end of this blog, we can say that the facts cited above shed light on the significance & benefits of content moderation solutions and how they play a crucial role in the vast world of the internet. Hence, several industries are investing substantially in procuring these solutions and, in turn, projecting remunerative prospects for the Global Content Moderation Solutions Market in the coming years.

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