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Conscious Choices & Growing Consumer Focus on Self-Care to Drive the Fragrances Market
Published Date: 04 Oct 2022

Like many other industries, the global fragrance market also took a big hit with the advent of Covid-19 in 2020. The shift in purchase behaviors & new routines at homes drastically reduced the demand for fragrances worldwide. It is either that many consumers have lost their sense of smell or they are looking for a fragrance for mood upliftment. However, whatever the reason, the dynamics of the industry have changed drastically over the previous two years, and currently, there's an upward trend in fragrance sales.

It owes to the increasing focus of consumers on personal grooming, especially the millennials, the emerging trends of aromatherapy, and increased consumer spending on beauty & personal care products owing to the improving economic conditions worldwide. In view of these aspects, a recent research study has predicted that the Global Fragrances Market is set to evolve at around 6.1% CAGR during 2022-27.

Different types of perfumes & deodorants are in high demand as consumers are increasingly experimenting with varied fragrance concepts & brands. In order to better understand & influence consumers & their purchase behaviors, fragrance manufacturers are massively investing in making advertising strategies and expanding their digital footprints to attract a broader audience. As consumers have shifted to sustainability behaviors and are focusing on natural fragrances with no synthetic compounds, companies are adopting organic practices & naturally-derived materials. These trends are positively influencing the growth trajectory of the fragrance industry globally.

Key Growth Areas for Fragrance Manufacturers

  • Social media penetration, the rapidly expanding e-commerce industry, and customized fragrances & innovative packaging are prominent contributors to the fragrances market expansion.
  • Pocket perfumes and affordable premium deodorants are key trends for manufacturers to follow & generate significant profits.
  • More & more brands and concepts are evolving, along with various mergers & acquisitions, which indicate a profitable future for the fragrances industry.
  • Home fragrances like candles, mists, & essential oils, among others, are gaining ground as people focus on enhancing the positivity of their homes by eliminating unpleasant smells, boosting positivity, & improving their mental well-being.
  • The mounting popularity of diffusers is another reason behind rising sales of essential oils & incense sticks across households.
  • As consumers, especially youngsters, are taking an active interest in maintaining personal hygiene, there's a burgeoning demand for exotic & premium fragrances worldwide across both online portals & retail shops.
  • With the rise in consumer awareness of environmental degradation and the adverse effects of synthetic products on their skin, the world is also observing a soaring demand for fragrances with natural ingredients, such as fruits, flowers, barks, seeds, leaves, resins, roots, etc.
  • Geographically, North America is the largest fragrance industry with the thriving personal care & cosmetics sector, increased consumer spending on personal grooming, and the rising prevalence of premium products in the US & Canada.
  • Asia-Pacific Fragrances Market is witnessing rapid growth, driven mainly by India & China. The burgeoning sales of beauty & skincare products and the rising population of working females are instigating fragrance demand in China. On the other hand, growing consumer affordability for premium products, naturally-scented fragrances, growing e-commerce sector are augmenting the fragrance market growth in India.


The advent of Covid-19 flared some dramatic changes in consumer purchase patterns, where skin & body care and home fragrances witnessed heightened sales. Now that consumers have returned to their pre-pandemic behavior and started using different cosmetics, perfumes, & deodorants, niche companies entering the market are gaining traction.

As social consciousness is quintessential, consumers nowadays want to be seen. Another trend changing the industry's dynamics is unisex perfumes with sandalwood and patchouli notes that are becoming increasingly popular all around the globe.

Regardless of region or brand, sustainability is the top-most priority in terms of both ingredients & packaging. Contents like organic alcohol and packaging materials like recycled post-consumer material, pulp cartons, refillable & recyclable packaging, etc., are all well-contributing to a greener future for both the environment and the fragrance industry.

Besides sustainability, consumers are also demanding transparency from brands, i.e., they want to look over all ingredients used in manufacturing the products they are purchasing. With this, many brands are making their formulas available online, while some are even seeking certification to prove compliance. These trends are set to create new directions for the companies operating in the global fragrance market to expand their presence and generate significant profits in the years to come.

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