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The UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market to Thrive Amidst the Prevalence of Cancer & Chronic Diseases

The UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% during the forecast period of 2024-30, cites MarkNtel Advisors in the recent research report. The diagnostic imaging equipment sector in the UAE has witnessed significant expansion, propelled by the surging incidence of cancer and other chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The escalating cancer rates were largely linked to shifting lifestyles, marked by unhealthy dietary choices, alcohol and tobacco use, sedentary behavior, and obesity. This upswing in cancer cases has been emphasizing the urgent requirement for advanced imaging tools to facilitate precise diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning. Consequently, there was a heightened demand for diagnostic imaging solutions, encompassing mammography, ultrasonography, and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to address the mounting cancer instances and improve cancer care efficacy.

Additionally, the UAE government has been steadfast in addressing the healthcare requirements of both residents and medical tourists, by actively enhancing healthcare infrastructure across the nation. In response to the escalating healthcare demands, the government has consistently introduced initiatives and investments to facilitate the construction of new hospitals. This proactive approach has significantly fueled the demand for cutting-edge diagnostic imaging equipment in recent times, as newly established facilities are typically equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Furthermore, the prevalence of other chronic diseases, including diabetes, has also witnessed a notable upswing in recent years. For instance, as of 2022, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reported approximately 0.99 million people living with diabetes in the UAE in 2021. Projections indicate an increase to 1.17 million by 2030 and 1.32 million by 2045. With the growing number of diabetes cases, complications such as cardiovascular diseases are anticipated to rise in the future. This is poised to drive the demand for cardiac imaging techniques like cardiac CT imaging, chest X-ray, cardiac MRI, and nuclear cardiac stress testing, thereby positively influencing the market in the upcoming years, further states the research report, “The UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market Analysis, 2024.”

UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market

The UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market Segmentation Analysis

Gastroenterology Experienced Sizeable Growth in the Market

Based on Applications, the market is segmented into Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, and Others (Urology, Pulmonology, etc.). Within the UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market, the Gastroenterology Application has gained significant prominence. The increasing incidence of abdominal & gallbladder diseases, such as stones, celiac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome, has been a key driver of this trend. Unhealthy dietary habits, including the consumption of junk food, have contributed to the rise in these conditions.

With consumers continuing to adopt such lifestyles, the state of gastric health is expected to deteriorate further in the foreseeable future. Consequently, the gastroenterology segment is set to dominate the UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment market in the coming years, highlighting the growing impact of abdominal diseases.

Competitive Landscape

With strategic initiatives, such as mergers, collaborations, and acquisitions, the leading market players, including GE Healthcare, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Hitachi Medical Corporation, Hologic, Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Shanghai United Healthcare Co. Ltd., Siemens Healthineers AG, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Shimadzu Corporation, Medtronic Plc, etc., are looking forward to strengthening their market position.

Key Questions Answered in the Research Report

  1. What are the industry’s overall statistics or estimates (Overview, Size- By Value, Forecast Numbers, Segmentation, Shares)?
  2. What are the trends influencing the current scenario of the UAE Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Market?
  3. What key factors would propel and impede the industry across the country?
  4. How has the industry been evolving in terms of geography & product adoption?
  5. How has the competition been shaping across various regions?
  6. How has the buying behavior, customer inclination, and expectations from product manufacturers been evolving during 2019-2030?
  7. Who are the key competitors, and what strategic partnerships or ventures are they coming up with to stay afloat during the projected time frame?

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