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Increasing Mobile Penetration Offering Lucrative Growth Opportunities to the Global Application Hosting Market

The application hosting market is anticipated to grow at a lucrative rate during the projected period owing to the increasing mobile phone penetration resulting in the growing inclination of the businesses toward the development of mobile phone applications, to enhance the overall business performance, and broaden customer connectivity. Moreover, the availability of complementary application monitoring, secure backup and recovery, and other such services apart from the core hosting infrastructure has been tracking enough customer traction toward the application hosting market.

According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled Global Application Hosting Market Analysis, 2020”, the market size of the Application Hosting market across the globe is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 13% during 2020-25. The application hosting solution includes much sought-after cloud-based operating platforms for the commercialization of business application software continuously at a recurring premium. The reduced operation cost and maximum server uptime offered by the application hosting providers to the clients are key factors expected to accelerate the market growth in the years to come. 

Managed Hosting to Maintain the Leading Position 

The Managed Hosting segment, by hosting type, is expected to capture the largest market share in the forthcoming years, on account of the advanced facility of single-tenant dedicated environment facility offered by the segment to the end-users. The managed hosting enables efficient server monitoring, stronger security, and low operational cost with greater efficiency in operations.

Asia-Pacific Region Projected to Emerge as the Fastest Growing Region During 2020-25 

Based on geographical market segmentation, the Asia-Pacific is envisaged to grow at the highest CAGR during 2020-25, due to the ongoing infrastructure, and industrial development activities in the emerging countries of the region, the growing adoption rate of the latest technologies, and rising number of small, medium and large enterprises adopting digital technologies in the business architecture.
During 2015-19, the North America region held the largest market share in the global application hosting market, largely due to the availability of an extensive number of hosting service providers in the region. Also, the region is enriched with the availability of colocation centers in the locality, which has been significantly contributing to the growth of the application hosting market.

According to MarkNtel Advisors, some the of key competitors operating in the Global Application Hosting market include AWS, IBM, Rackspace, Google, Liquid Web, Microsoft Corporation, Sunguard AS, DXC, Navsite, Apprenda, etc.

“Global Application Hosting Market Analysis, 2020” provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights on the market statistics, key factors impacting sales and purchase decisions, hotspots, and growth opportunities available for application hosting providers across the globe. Moreover, the report also encompasses the key strategic imperatives for success for competitors along with strategic factorial indexing measuring competitor's capabilities on 16 parameters. This will help companies in the formulation of Go to Market Strategies and identifying the blue ocean for its offerings.      

Market Segmentation:

1.    By Application Type (Mobile Based, Web-Based)
2.    By Hosting Type (Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Colocation Hosting)
3.   By Verticals (BFSI, Telecommunications & IT, Media & Entertainment, Retail & eCommerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Others)
4.    By Organization Size (Large Enterprises, SME’s)
5.    By Service Type (Application Monitoring, Application Programming Interface Management, Infrastructure Services, Database Administration, Backup & Recovery, Application Security)
6.    By Region (North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Asia- Pacific)
7.    By Country (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea)
8.    By Company (AWS, IBM, Rackspace, Google, Liquid Web, Microsoft Corporation, FIS, DXC, Navsite, Apprenda, and others)

Key questions answered in the study:

1.    What are the key market statistics such as market size, market shares, forecast, market segmentation, etc., of the global app hosting market?  
2.    What are the current and future trends of the Global Application Hosting market? 
3.    How the industry has been evolving in terms of end-user demand and application areas?
4.    How the competitors are benchmarked against each other in terms of market shares, plan, operating models, channel partners, etc.?
5.    How the competition has been shaping across the countries followed by their comparative factorial indexing?
6.    What are the key growth drivers and challenges for the Global Application Hosting market?
7.    What are the customer orientation, purchase behavior, and expectations from the Application Hosting suppliers across various regions?