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A Sneak Peek into the Rising Demand for Frozen Food

Published Date: 29 Apr 2022

As life becomes more and more hectic in new ways, maintaining optimum health seems challenging at times. It is actually common that with the growth in the working population worldwide, the dependency on the ready-to-cook & ready-to-eat food is escalating swiftly. It, in turn, is instigating the food industry to offer an extensive range of such type of food for the people. However, this food can not help you get all the nutrition that your body requires, and it is where frozen food is gaining swift momentum. With benefits like easy cooking & consumption, longer shelf life, & high nutritional value, people are excessively consuming frozen food & making it the most widely used product globally.

Moreover, with the rapid expansion of the food industry, several manufacturers are coming upfront with an extensive menu for frozen food, i.e., leading to its easy availability across different distribution channels like hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail stores, specialized & convenience stores, and several online platforms. Hence, the customer base for frozen food products is rapidly scaling across different countries worldwide, owing to which the Global Frozen Food Market is anticipated to register around 4.8% CAGR during 2022-27.

Prominent Drivers of the Rising Popularity of Frozen Food

Although some people might seem a little cautious while buying frozen food due to several articles online stating the ill effects of such food, most of them are myths. Frozen food has several benefits & many blogs have also addressed the myths. Now that we have learned pretty much about frozen food, let us read the blog further to find out more about the benefits of these food products and their contribution to health. 

  • Healthy & Safe

Among the long list of different types of frozen food, let's take the example of frozen fruits and vegetables to understand the health effects of frozen food. While fruits & vegetables tend to spoil after a certain time, their frozen categories have a longer shelf life & their health benefits are just the same.

  • No Expiration of Frozen Food

While freezing food & defrosting it later might seem like a bad idea or even gross to some people, it can actually stay unspoiled for a very long time. Yet, it is always suggested to consume food as soon as possible. 

  • Utilizing Natural Products

While manufacturers are closely monitoring the demands of the consumers and witnessing their growing inclination toward the consumption of organic food, the producers are offering an extensive range of frozen natural food products. In fact, they are also reducing the amount of salt & sugar in the food to offer completely organic food to the consumers.  

  • Frozen Dairy Products & Eggs are Just Fine

Although freezing food products like milk & egg is alright, it might alter the taste. Additionally, frozen milk can be used as an alternative to ice packs while you may use frozen eggs and use the whites later on.

Quick Tips to Avoid Mistakes with Frozen Food

While you are now aware of some prominent benefits of frozen food, let us learn a little about things that might be harmful to the utilization of frozen food. 

  • Thawing Food in Room Temperature

While it might seem like a common practice across the household, it is very much a mistake that most people do with frozen food. As it might seem like an easy way, leaving frozen food pon the counter to thaw at room temperature is unsafe as it promotes bacterial growth and aggregates the food. 

  • Thawing in Hot Water

As much as thawing at room temperature is unsafe, so is putting the frozen food in hot water. Doing so can lead to a drastic temperature difference, leading to uneven cooking of the food. Instead, one can use cold water and change it every 30 minutes. 

  • Packaging Might Not Be Safe at All Times

While manufacturers abide by the regulatory standards & pass the tests before reaching the markets for the consumers, fluctuations in temperature, storage, etc., might let bacteria grow in the package and degrade the flavor. 

Careful Selection of Frozen Food is the Key to Health Preservation

With the factors cited above, carefully investing your money & wisely choosing the frozen food is the key to good health, as they might display some adverse effects on your health. Since all types of frozen food is manufactured under different parameters, there can be possibilities of fluctuations in the saturated fat, added sugars, & salt. Hence, while buying frozen food, you must closely look at the nutritional label & ingredient list to avoid these add-ups.

Another quick tip that can help you smartly buy frozen food products is to look at the quantity since some frozen food dinners often have serving for more than one person. Furthermore, frozen food with low saturated fat, no added sugars or salt, and higher mineral, vitamin, & fiber content ensures positive health.

Wrapping Up

Now that the blog has covered different aspects of frozen food, clarifying the doubts & talking about the multiple benefits of consuming it, it is pretty clear that these food products are gaining swift momentum globally. As a result, the prominent frozen food manufacturers are increasing their production capacities to suffice the burgeoning consumer requirements for the consumers, thereby projecting remunerative growth prospects for the Global Frozen Food Market in the years to come.

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