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An Outlook on Recent Trends in the Global Footwear Market
Published Date: 02 Jun 2022

Your feet are very hardworking and do a prominent job in carrying the weight & supporting your body at all times. However, all the hard work of your feet is often overlooked and even least bothered in some cases. Hence, you must understand that it is pretty important to look after the comfort of your feet and provide what they actually need. 

Have you ever felt a throbbing pain in your feet? You might just accept it as an inevitable pain, but it is a clear sign of restlessness after a long day. You might also find out that such pain & tiredness in the feet can be due to the wrong choices you might have made while buying footwear. However, changing your footwear can positively impact your foot condition and deliver the rest & comfort that is truly needed.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Good Footwear  

Comfort is the most prominent aspect to consider before buying a good pair of footwear. However, nowadays, trendy designs & looks are also playing a notable role in increasing the popularity of a wide variety of footwear. Today, people are becoming highly conscious about how they look and giving much attention to every prop of their outfit, including footwear. Matching shoes, coupled with an outfit in contrast to that, would make you stand out from the crowd, look attractive altogether, and might as well get you a bunch of new followers on social media.

What remains a prominent factor is the necessity of the most suitable pair of footwear that would not just justify the look but also can precisely perform all mechanical functions of your body, like carrying the weight and supporting it. In fact, the right pair of shoes will also help you avoid potential health conditions like aches in the legs, knees, hips, lower back, etc., along with dire effects during the elderly phase.

With the mounting penetration of smartphones & internet and the increasing momentum of online platforms, the e-commerce sector is rapidly expanding and projects around 5.3% CAGR for the Global Footwear Market during 2022-27. Most people, especially the younger generation, find it easy to shop their footwear via online platforms owing to the following benefits:

  • Extensive variety of footwear
  • Easy comparison between brands
  • Great deals & offers
  • Facilities like return, exchange, and refund
  • Door-step deliveries
  • Multiple payment options

As a result, the online customer base is widening rigorously and demonstrating the active inclination of the leading footwear manufacturers toward selling their products through these platforms and catering to the burgeoning consumer requirements across different regions worldwide.

Things to Consider While Finding the "Ideal" Pair

The definition of the ideal can vary from person to person, depending on individual choices, feet shape, conditions, and several other factors. Yet, there are a few things that you must look after while buying the ideal (most suitable) footwear.

  • Knowing the accurate feet size & shape 
  • Seeking footwear with soft leather & sufficient room for the feet 
  • Avoiding unnecessary seams & edges that might restrict the comfort level
  • Doing the 'bending' test to assess the flexibility

With the rapidly rising competition between the leading footwear manufacturers, endless varieties of footwear are emerging across different corners of the world, which often confuses people in finding their desired footwear. However, considering the parameters cited below would do wonders.

  • Adjustability

Footwear with a strap-like lacs or Velcro to adjust the size & fit depending upon the shape of the feet is highly important for comfort. In fact, the adjustability bands would also help the person to have better grip, stable contact with the surface, and proper foot posture in the footwear. 

  • Proper Stability & Balance

The heels of the footwear should ways have proper support that would offer better stability & balance to you while standing, walking, running, etc., and prevent misbalance or falls during movements. 

  • Breathability & Room

The most important aspect of comfortable footwear always includes having enough space for the feet from the sides, top, and bottom, for comfortability. In fact, it is always suggested to have 1cm room for feet & you should invest in a pair that is slightly longer than the longest toe. 

  • Proper Condition

While a majority of the people tend to buy a new pair of shoes once the older ones have worn out. Yet, one must observe the footwear & replace them once it has been used enough and has lost some of its basic functions. Continuing in worn-out shoes can lead to injuries and impact the legs & joints of the body.


So far, the blog has led you through understanding the key parameters to consider while buying the right footwear and how important comfort is. Therefore, with the growing awareness among consumers & their changing preferences, the leading footwear manufacturers are introducing new varieties to expand their visibility & customer base, which would boost the Global Footwear Market through 2027.

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