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Chatbots:The Rising Demand, Prominent Benefits & Trends
Published Date: 24 Feb 2022

The artificially intelligent Chatbots are computer programs that simulate & process human communication (spoken or written), allowing people to engage with digital devices as if they were communicating directly with a live person. Chatbots can be considered the most modern manifestation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are nothing more than computer programs designed to automate specific tasks using a conversational interface. Artificial intelligence enables the most sophisticated bots to understand complex requests, provide tailored responses, and improve their interactions over time.

Besides, there are several types of Chatbots, from rudimentary programs that answer simple questions or queries with a single response to sophisticated, self-learning digital assistants that gather & process information to deliver increasing levels of personalization. Furthermore, due to their numerous benefits, these programs are being implemented by various organizations to lower costs while boosting productivity.

The Growing Demand for Chatbots

A recent research study has indicated that the Global Chatbots Market is expecting around 24.10% CAGR during 2021-26, reveals MarkNtel Advisors in their recent research report. Growing customer engagement through communication channels, such as voice calls, chats, emails, etc., and the rising consumer demand for 24x7 customer service & self-service operations are driving the need for more production & sales of Chatbots worldwide.

Furthermore, the market is driven further by technological integrations in Chatbots like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) for better customer interactions. Moreover, the increasing interest in reducing operational costs & improving customer relationships to leverage long-term revenue streams is enhancing the demand for Chatbots.

Prominent Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots are quite advanced and they ensure many advantages for customers.

  • Chatbots are available 24/7. A customer doesn’t have to wait for the next operator to be available while enquiring for the query.
  • They provide instant responses, as they handle thousands of queries at a time.
  • They help businesses maintain a great level of consistency in reverting and improves customer experience.
  • They come with omnichannel messaging support features, that help customers communicate through various channels such as Facebook, websites, etc.
  • They are multilingual, as they can answer queries in the language of customers and expand the reach to new markets or countries.
  • They help customers book their orders or do transactions without any manual help.
  • They can help businesses in lead generation.
  • Can achieve scalability of support and make the customer journey smoother

Key Chatbots Trends to Shape Better Customer Service Outcomes

  • Effective Voice Bots

Several research reports indicate that most people prefer voice-based messaging platforms to text-based ones. Consumers are increasingly using conversational bots to provide support over both the voice and text channels, as it helps create a seamless experience. Customers can use conversational IVR to get answers to their questions without the need to navigate through complicated menus. Furthermore, it can help customers with disabilities, such as those who are having trouble reading small font sizes on a screen, find the information they need in the simplest way possible.

  • Chatbots on Messaging Applications or Social Media

We are used to seeing an increasing number of messaging and social media apps appearing every day. Would it be possible for us to support them all? Absolutely! This is all possible with Chatbots. Artificial intelligence Chatbots help with customer support, sales, and marketing. In short, you can use a Chatbot to automate any conversation that leads to more sales or customer satisfaction at a much bigger scale.

  • Well-designed Omnichannel bots

Today we all communicate through several mediums, including email, social media platforms, and messaging apps like WhatsApp. As a result, customer services are required through these channels as well. Communicating consistently and reliably across different channels should be the cornerstone of any brand's customer experience strategy. So, the first step for each customer is to talk with the AI chatbot, either to resolve the issue immediately or to qualify and route it to the most efficient area.

  • Payment Through Chatbots

Globally, online and mobile payments are expected to grow at an accelerated pace, due to their extensive use. The global transactional value of online and mobile payments is projected to grow at a fast pace, due to its vigorous use. Nowadays, most consumers do most of their shopping online. Thus, in order to complete the payment, the user just has to click the "Continue" button and the retail Chatbot will handle it once a payment system is connected.

Furthermore, consumers and businesses place a high priority on the privacy and security of digital transactions. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, Chatbots can now guarantee encrypted transactions that keep customer data secure.

Large Enterprises: The Most Prominent End-Users of Chatbots

Almost all large enterprises worldwide extensively use Chatbots as a primary source of communication for operations such as customer services & engagement. Technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are further creating a massive shift from online mediums to messaging applications and allowing enterprises to build interfaces for delivering actionable business data. Large enterprises are actively optimizing the use of Chatbots to improve customer support, leverage strong customer relationships for long-term revenue generation, & acquire sophisticated operations in the coming years.

The Mounting Use of Chatbots across Asia-Pacific

Of all regions globally, Asia-Pacific is expected to observe immense market growth in the coming years. The Asia-Pacific Chatbots Market is driven extensively by various advanced technologies, which, in turn, presents massive growth opportunities in terms of both funding & revenue generation for the leading market players across the region.

China, Japan, Singapore, and India are the most prominent markets in Asia-Pacific. In addition, numerous government policies that support digitalization, the establishment of new companies, and the flexibility of economic conditions are other crucial aspects projected to drive the regional market during the forecast period.

Final Words

Since more & more companies will develop applications in the future, Chatbots will be a prominent application since they collect data & analyze them to take appropriate steps. Nowadays, Chatbots automate various personal tasks like fitness, parenting, e-learning, etc. Furthermore, as technology is improving with time, consumers are adopting technology-based applications more often.

The use of Chatbots is becoming more mainstream across numerous business functions. Gradually, automation will grow even stronger and overcome all challenges businesses face regarding Chatbots. Hence, based on the aspects cited above, the Global Chatbots Market is very likely to witness astronomical growth opportunities in the coming years, which would enable the leading players in the market to bring more innovations in their product offerings.

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