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Global Oncology Information System: One Step Closer to Brining Better Cancer Treatment
Published Date: 26 Aug 2022

As the advent of diseases like cancers is becoming increasingly common among people across different corners of the world, the criticality to study the illness and find more reliable & effective cures have become prominent. There is no denying that Information Technology (IT) has taken over almost every other industry, and the medical field is no exception. Because of its varied applicability & constant advancements, such technologies are presenting immense benefits in healthcare. 

The most recent example is the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic when the governments of different countries invested substantially in strengthening the healthcare infrastructure and conducted numerous research & development activities to bring innovations. Likewise, the Oncology sector is also undergoing developments, owing to the escalating cases of Cancer. While this disease is among the leading cause of death throughout the world, accounting, greater research in the industry has also demonstrated better survival rates. 

As more and more countries are seeking ways to attain better survival rates, the deployment of the Oncology Information System (OIS) within the healthcare setting shall come as an opportunity. In fact, a recent research report reveals that the Global Oncology Information System Market is set to register a CAGR of around 11% during 2022-27. Let us read the blog further to learn more about the key aspects stimulating the utilization of the Oncology Information System and driving the industry globally. 

Understanding Oncology Information System & its Significance

Since Oncology Information System has shown suitability in survivorship care, along with early detection & quality treatment facilitating sounder recovery, the utilization of these systems is increasing dramatically across the world. Let us dive deep into exploring the immense possibilities that OIS has in for cancer patients. To understand these systems in simple words, an Oncology Information System can be defined as a sociotechnical organizational system that collects, processes, stores, & distributes information associated with cancer & patient. 

OIS abbreviated for Oncology Information System offers IT solutions by collecting data & maintaining patient records like medical history, types of treatment available, possible treatment responses, & upcoming schedules, among others, and distributing information across departments & healthcare enterprises for suitably addressing patient needs. These systems are known for monitoring various treatment stages and offering researched & comprehensive data that facilitate informed choices for all the care personnel.

Prominent Aspects Backing the Demand for Oncology Information System

With constant technological advancements and integration of solutions like Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, manual handling of databases associated with patient health & cancer treatment has become a thing of the past. Likewise, as also offers a smooth experience in real-time, with minimal or no possibilities of errors, making the overall cancer treatment & research much more efficient & effective. 

Moreover, owing to the capabilities of Oncology Information Systems to offer better & improved connectivity within the clinical system, it also makes the entire oncology infrastructure integrated in terms of exchanging information among the various departments. Hence, the utilization of these systems is widening substantially & stimulating industry growth worldwide. 

Key Areas of Applications for Oncology Information Systems

While the utilization of Oncology Information Systems widens across Medical, Radiation, & Surgical Oncology, Radiation oncology has been a prominent area demonstrating the maximum application of these systems in the industry. With the capability of these systems to directly target the tumor cell while sparing nearby healthy cells, radiation oncology minimizes negative consequences of the therapy and helps in making the treatment more effective for the patient. 

A Way Ahead for the Oncology Information Systems Market

As the geriatric population is growing worldwide, the advent of cancers is also mounting and demonstrating a presence of lucrative opportunities for the leading players to increase their service offering, enabling the healthcare facilities to equip Oncology information systems. Such aspects shall further offer better care & long-term treatment delivery to the patients, thereby propelling the overall demand for these systems. 

Nonetheless, taking all the aspects cited above in the blog into account, it can be concluded that with the advancements in technologies and a paradigm shift toward the adoption of these developments in the healthcare sector, patient treatment for severe diseases like cancers can have positive outcomes and better care. Hence, the utilization of Oncology information systems has become the need of the hour. Therefore, it can be said that the industry for Oncology Information Systems is likely to witness substantial growth and offer lucrative opportunities for the leading players during the forecast period.

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