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Power Tools Accessories Market to Boom with Rapidly Expanding Automotive & Construction Sectors across Latin America
Published Date: 21 Sep 2022

Power tools are a part of our everyday lives and are utilized extensively in almost every industry. Several tasks that would otherwise seem difficult or impossible can be performed easily using these products, coupled with their accessories. Drill bits, cutters, sets, saws, grinders & brushes, batteries & chargers, chisels, etc., are some of the most popular and widely used power tool accessories across different industries like construction, industrial, & other related sectors. Their durable finish quality keeps these power tools running efficiently for long durations.

These gears are witnessing a burgeoning demand across different corners of the world, particularly in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, etc., thanks to urbanization, the rapidly expanding automotive, construction, aerospace & defense industries, and massive investments by both governments & private sectors in infrastructure developments across these countries. These trends cite profitable prospects for the leading manufacturers of these products and, consequently, for the overall Latin America Power Tools Accessories Market, i.e., set to expand at a moderate growth rate during 2022-27.

The Direct Influence of Construction Activities on the Demand for Power Tool Accessories

The construction industry in Latin America is constantly booming with numerous ongoing & upcoming projects associated with infrastructural developments. Governments of different countries are substantially investing in both commercial & residential infra projects and, hence, there are ever-growing requirements for more effective & innovative power tools for various applications.

Cordless power tools are one given example that has gained significant momentum in recent years owing to their flexibility & ability to deliver enhanced productivity. Hence, with a surge in demand for these products in the construction industry, there are collaborations among the leading manufacturers, working rigorously on expanding their production & distribution capacities to suffice such requirements, thereby driving the Power Tools Accessories Market across Latin America.

Mexico amongst the Leading Consumers

Mexico holds a significant share in the Latin America Power Tools Accessories Market. There are an increasing number of public-private sector companies collaborating & massively investing in infrastructural developments across Mexico and, in turn, accelerating the demand for power tools & accessories. While the local manufacturers in Mexico notably contribute to the industry's growth, foreign companies find more significant prospects since the country has free trade agreements with the US & China, from where it imports these products.

The automotive sector is amongst the prominent end-users of power tools & accessories, especially cordless power tools that provide easy access & mobility in various operations like vehicle production, repair, & maintenance. On the other hand, the construction sector is nowhere behind in escalating the production of these tools owing to various ongoing & upcoming projects related to infrastructural developments, coupled with the lack of cheap labor that has surged DIY activities across the country. Hence, the need for more & more easy-to-use & efficient power tools & accessories is rapidly increasing in Mexico and, in turn, fueling the overall market growth.

The Ever-Growing Demand for Electric Power Tools & Accessories

Electric power tools, particularly cordless ones, are utilized extensively in Latin America by both industries & end consumers for a variety of applications. Due to their obvious mobility & convenience, they are gradually replacing plug-in power tools in different applications.

The shift of battery technologies from Nickel to Lithium-ion integrated into these tools has remarkably enhanced their power & operation time owing to the higher energy density, lighter weight, long-lasting charge, & smaller size of Li-ion batteries. As a result, more & more industries are increasingly adopting cordless power tools and, subsequently, accelerating the demand for their accessories.

Future Directions for Industry Leaders

The automotive sector in Latin America continues to propel the demand for drills & fastening tools and drill bits & batteries for enhanced overall efficiency & productivity in different operations. Mexico & Brazil are observing an increasing vehicle production where these power tools & accessories, along with heat guns, glue guns, and cutting tools, are being utilized extensively for easily managing the massive volume of assembly tasks.

On the other hand, the surging need to reduce the excessive time incurred in building & construction activities is another prominent aspect contributing to the burgeoning demand for more efficient power tools & accessories across Latin America. In addition, the aerospace, energy, & marine industries are also increasingly procuring cordless power tools to bring improved productivity & convenience to their operations.

Furthermore, the rapid rise in the retrofitting, renovation, & DIY activities across several households in different Latin American countries is fueling the power tools accessories market across the residential sector, owing to which manufacturers are introducing lightweight & easy-to-use power tools, mainly drills & hammers, in order to cater to the massive end-user requirements.

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