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Intelligent Soft Robotics Market Growth Outlook to 2028: Key Competitors | Future Prospects
Published Date: 03 Aug 2023

The Global Intelligent Soft Robotics Market is currently at it nascent stage and is poised to record around 37% CAGR during 2023-28. The following are the top 10 companies in the industry, working actively toward bringing innovations & advancements in the field of robotics. Have a look:

1. Soft Robotics Inc. focuses on designing & manufacturing soft robotic gripping solutions. Their proprietary soft robotic grippers can handle delicate objects with a human-like touch, making them ideal for applications in food processing, e-commerce fulfillment, and manufacturing. Recently, the organization has expanded its product offerings by including larger-scale grippers for enhanced versatility & adaptability in industrial automation.

2. Festo AG & Co. KG, a global automation company that has been actively investing in soft robotics research and development. They have introduced innovative soft robotic actuators and grippers inspired by nature, such as the "OctopusGripper" and "BionicSoftHand." Recently, Festo has focused on enhancing the intelligence and control of these soft robotic systems, enabling them to perform intricate tasks and adapt to dynamic environments with greater precision.

3. Bionik Laboratories Corp. specializes in the development of intelligent rehabilitation and assistive robotic solutions for medical applications. Their soft robotic exoskeletons and robotic prosthetics are designed to aid individuals with neurological disorders and mobility impairments. Recently, the company has been working on refining its exoskeleton technology to provide more personalized and targeted rehabilitation therapy, thereby improving the quality of life for patients.

4. Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory is renowned for its contributions to the field of soft robotics. Their researchers have developed soft robotic insects, such as the "Robobee," which emulates the flight of bees and holds immense potential for applications in surveillance, environmental monitoring, and crop pollination. Recently, the lab has focused on miniaturizing and enhancing the capabilities of these robotic insects for real-world deployment.

5. RightHand Robotics is a prominent player in robotic piece-picking technology for e-commerce fulfillment & distribution centers. Their intelligent soft robotic system, "RightPick," employs advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to enable robotic systems to identify and pick a wide range of items efficiently and accurately. Recently, the company has been working on expanding its solutions to handle a broader range of products in order to improve the speed & accuracy of its piece-picking capabilities.

6. Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. specializes in the development of exoskeletons for medical and industrial applications. Their soft robotic exoskeletons, such as "EksoNR" for neurological rehabilitation and "EksoVest" for industrial workers, have demonstrated promising results in improving mobility and reducing the risk of injuries. Recently, the company has been focusing on creating more lightweight and compact exoskeletons for enhanced wearability and usability.

7. Shadow Robot Company, is known for its highly dexterous robotic hands. They have been working on refining their robotic hands to make them more intuitive and capable of performing intricate tasks, such as object manipulation and assembly, with a higher level of precision. Recently, the company has been exploring applications of its robotic hands in industries like electronics manufacturing and research laboratories.

8. BioRobotic Systems, Inc. focuses on creating advanced robotic platforms for medical purposes, with a focus on surgery. Their "RAS-Q" robotic platform aims to enhance the capabilities of laparoscopic surgeons by providing more precise and dexterous movements during minimally invasive procedures. Recently, the company has been refining its surgical robotic systems to improve ergonomics and user experience for surgeons.

9. Pneubotics specializes in the development of soft, pneumatic robots that offer enhanced safety and adaptability. They have been actively working on collaborative robot solutions that can work alongside humans safely, without the need for physical barriers. Recently, the company has been exploring applications of its pneumatic soft robots in industries like logistics and healthcare.

10. Vivace Instruments LLC specializes in creating soft robotic surgical instruments and tools that offer improved flexibility and maneuverability. Their focus is on enhancing the capabilities of surgeons during minimally invasive procedures to improve patient outcomes. Recently, the company has been working on incorporating haptic feedback into its surgical instruments to provide surgeons with a better sense of touch and control during procedures.

These organizations represent a snapshot of the dynamic & evolving intelligent soft robotics industry, which as progresses, numerous startups & research institutions are likely to significantly contribute to market growth. The integration of soft robotics & AI holds immense potential to shape the future of various industries, viz., healthcare, manufacturing, space exploration, and agriculture, among others, establishing a future where robots can interact seamlessly & safely with the surroundings around them. As technology continues to advance, soft robots will likely become even more intelligent, capable of learning & adapting to complex environments autonomously. This will open up new possibilities for soft robots to collaborate with humans in various fields, including manufacturing, healthcare, and disaster response.

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