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Rising Male Consciousness about Personal Wellness Drives the India Men’ Grooming Market
Published Date: 05 Dec 2022

With changing demographics & lifestyles, along with some remarkable innovations, there are now a variety of grooming products for males, and everything that was outlawed earlier is now a trend. Be it shaving the chest, underarms, & even intimate areas or moisturizing the skin, men nowadays have access to numerous brands & products specially made to suit their varied requirements.

In light of these dynamics, businesses for male grooming products are rapidly growing, especially in India, with numerous start-ups entering the industry to cater to different consumer requirements. A recent research report has cited that the India Men's Grooming Market is set to record around 11.2% CAGR between 2023 & 2028, which would be driven majorly by the increasing consciousness among males about their physical appearance & personal wellness, improving disposable incomes, and growing establishments of salons in the country.

In addition, rising urbanization and the flourishing retail & e-commerce industries, coupled with the mounting proliferation of natural & organic products owing to increasing consumer awareness of the harmful effects of chemical compounds used in grooming products, shall further provide a notable boost to the men's grooming industry in India over the forecast years.

Key Trends in the Men’s Grooming Industry

  • The advent of Covid-19 has acted as a game-changer for the men's grooming market as a large number of men became increasingly aware of skincare ingredients and the efficacy, & application of male grooming products.
  • The inclusion of natural ingredients in cosmetics, and manscaping, which once was taboo, have emerged as highly opportunistic areas for the industry.
  • Most men nowadays are exploring different hair removal creams or sprays, and numerous brands are coming up with men's intimate care products to cater to the rising male needs. As these trends have surfaced, grooming products have indeed broken the gender barrier.
  • The launch & growing availability of male make-up collections and male-targeted or gender-neutral products are undoubtedly curating new directions for the men's grooming industry to witness remunerative opportunities in India.

Burgeoning Sales of Shaving Care Products through Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Shaving care holds the largest share of the India Men's Grooming Market. In recent years, shaving creams, gels, trimmers, razors, & blades have undergone some remarkable innovations & improvements. The trends of growing facial hair, especially among the working population & Millennials, coupled with their ever-increased spending on personal grooming, and the transition from simple razors & blades to advanced body groomers & electric shavers, have opened a new pathway for companies operating in the industry to attract a wider consumer base and generate significant revenues in the coming years.

With easy availability, extensive range, and easy payments & product replacements, shaving care products are being sold increasingly through supermarkets & hypermarkets, which offer customers a one-stop shopping experience & in-person product demos. These stores have a lower price point than specialty stores and allow people to choose their favorite products from multiple brands with exciting combo offers & discounts.

In addition, different brands have started opening a dedicated section for men's grooming products in these outlets. Hence, the increasing establishment of supermarkets & hypermarkets in India is a prominent growth opportunity for the leading companies operating in the men's grooming industry to expand their production & distribution capacities to cater to the rising consumer requirements.


With growing awareness & enthusiasm, more & more males, leaving hesitation behind, are welcoming skincare, beauty, and personal grooming with arms wide open. The rising proliferation of the internet, smartphones, & social media in India, especially after the pandemic, remains the most prevalent reason behind the increasing number of online shopping platforms, which, in turn, are further amplifying the sales of male grooming products.

More & more brands are actively participating in target marketing and partnering with e-commerce giants, such as Amazon & Flipkart, for business expansion and attaining a broader consumer base. The influx of high-end technologies in the fashion & beauty industries, changing consumer preferences, shift to natural & clean-label products, conscious choices, and a renewed focus on safety & hygiene, thanks to the pandemic, are set to stimulate the men's grooming market in India over the coming years.

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