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How Ductile Iron Pipes are a Significant Part of the Modern Water Infrastructure?
Published Date: 06 Jun 2022

A ductile iron pipe is an iron cast used in several applications, right from potable water distribution, sewage & wastewater, irrigation, mining, & centrifugal, among numerous others. These pipes are extensively used in different industries principally due to their high resilience & durability to have a life of more than a hundred years when coated with non-corrosive paints, cement, etc. 

The most prominent application of these pipes is majorly in the distribution of potable water and sewerage & wastewater management systems owing to their high strength in transporting raw & potable water, slurries, chemicals, and sewage, among others.

Additionally, ductile iron pipes are further used for shipping & handling goods from one place to another while withstanding operating conditions like water hammers, deep trenches, frozen ground, areas with high water tables, & heavy traffic. As a result, their increasing utilization for different purposes projects a considerable CAGR for the Global Ductile Iron Pipes Market during 2022-27.   

While we talk about the applications of Ductile Iron Pipes across industries, why not attain some more knowledge on prominent ones? Let us read the blog further to find out more about these applications.

Key Applications of Ductile Iron Pipes

While the utilization of ductile iron pipes is majorly seen in Potable Water Distribution, Sewage & Wastewater, Irrigation, Mining, and Centrifugal, sewerage & wastewater systems are the most extensive applications of these pipes throughout the world. 

With the exponentially rising population, the amount of waste is generating immensely, and in turn, surging the need for a properly set-up sewerage & wastewater management system. This is where the need for ductile iron pipes is massively witnessed. Looking for reasons why this particular type of pipe is used?

Well, it is majorly because of the high withstanding capabilities of ductile iron pipes in critical situations like water hammers, deep trenches, frozen ground, areas with high water tables, rocky trenches, heavy traffic, & areas of shifting, expansive, & unstable soils, among others.

On the other hand, while the waste generation of the exponentially rising population is massive, so is their water consumption. Therefore, another prominent factor behind the rapidly increasing demand for ductile iron pipes is the distribution of potable water across locations. 

Additionally, rapid urbanization of the exponentially increasing population entwined with massive water consumption is escalating concerns over water scarcity. As a result, the governments of different countries are investing substantially & taking initiatives in various water & wastewater treatment projects to meet the burgeoning demands while maintaining water sustainability. It, in turn, is playing a crucial role in escalating the demand for ductile iron pipes and generating growth opportunities for the manufacturers to increase their production & distribution capacities.

All these utilization of ductile iron pipes is due to the numerous benefits it offers to the users. Let us have a deeper look at some of these benefits to understand the reasons behind the growing popularity of ductile iron pipes across different corners of the world in multiple sectors.  

Some Prominent Perks

The most prominent reasons behind the massive demand for ductile iron pipe include its resilient, safe, & reliable service for more than a hundred years. Besides, since these pipes are environmentally superior pipe owing to the above-mentioned properties, it also helps in saving energy, recycling content, and being recyclable. Therefore, it is also said that ductile iron pipes are becoming an integral part of the clean energy future & modern water infrastructure. Let us read the blog further to know more about the key benefits offered by ductile iron pipes and get a clear understanding. 

  • Promotes Environment Sustainability  

As ductile iron pipes are natural, safe, & sustainable, and are made up of more than 90% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable, the governments of different countries are encouraging its adoption extensively. 

  • Better Value

Now that we know that ductile iron pipe is highly eco-friendly, it offers greater value than plastic pipe owing to its durability & cost-effectiveness over time. In fact, several studies & research have shown that ductile iron pipes are more cost-effective & have lower operational, maintenance, & lower energy costs than other pipes. 

  • Greater Resilience 

Another prominent aspect behind the rapidly growing demand for ductile iron pipes includes their robust properties of resilience even in extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, soil contamination, & other unpredictable situations. All this resistance is majorly due to their greater strength & durability, making these pipes an ideal choice for protecting against adverse conditions like wildfires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, and ongoing stresses of the water utility systems.

Summing Up

So far, we have learned about the various applications & benefits of ductile iron pipes. Their numerous advantages to the environment like fabrication from recycled steel & scrap metal, 100% eco-friendly, years of durability, & significant energy efficiency, among others, shall create lucrative opportunities for the leading companies operating in the Global Ductile Iron Pipes Market in the years to come.

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