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How Crucial is Packaging for the Packaged Food Market?

Published Date: 14 Mar 2022

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has emerged, the consciousness about health has never been at the center stage like it has been since 2020. The pandemic has pushed consumers toward greater extents & boundaries to consume immunity-boosting food, reimagining them as superfoods, thereby changing the entire purchasing behavior of the consumers.

Amidst the crisis, the easiest way of staying safe was improving immunity & consuming nutritious & healthy food. As a result, people were more concerned about the ingredients listed in the packaged food, while taste became the second preference. Needless to say, the pandemic has contributed significantly to the accelerated sales of packaged nutritious food across Qatar, and the same trend is likely to prevail in the coming years.

There are different aspects why the demand for packaged food is augmenting rigorously. This blog is dedicated to talking about all the reasons behind the same. Let us read further to find out more. Since the pandemic is anticipated to remain prevalent for a few more years, the trend of adopting packaged food shall continue rising in the coming years. As a result, the entire food packaging industry is working on strengthening its capabilities to suffice the burgeoning consumer demand.

The packaged food industry is not limited to just food but beverages too. It looks after the proper packaging of food & beverages to avoid contamination & spills while enhancing their overall shelf life. Additionally, the packaged food industry takes extra care of the branding & packaging since such small initiatives can make huge impacts on sales.

In fact, food manufacturers are taking packaging very seriously while utilizing every bit of it in their commercialization. The growing concerns over packaged food & its nutritional value are escalating the demand for printing ingredients on the package. On the other hand, manufacturers are focusing on graphics, branding, emotional quotient, etc., to expand their consumer base. Hence, based on these aspects, a recent research report has stated that the Qatar Packaged Food Market is projected to register around 5.8% CAGR in revenue terms during 2022-27.

The list goes on and on since these aren't the only factors influencing the Packaged Food industry in Qatar. While some industry players are focusing on the shelf life of the packaged food, others are progressing toward bringing sustainability in the packaging manners. All these aspects have a different yet prevalent impact on the packaged food industry. Let's dig a little deeper to learn more.

Importance of Packaging for Packaged Food & Beverage Manufacturers: Key Strategies & Types

With a growing inclination of people toward the adoption of packaged food, especially among the working population, the demand for nutritious food with a longer shelf life is increasing swiftly and generating growth opportunities for the leading players in the Qatar Packaged Food Market to enhance durability. Additionally, with the rapidly growing competition and an extensive range of packaged food, the demand for attractive packaging is stimulating substantially.

It is anticipated that food choices & the purchasing behavior of the customer can be influenced by the packaging. Moreover, as several packaged foods have a lower shelf life, manufacturers might add a few preservatives to increase durability. Therefore, buyers must look upon the ingredients and purchase packaged food that is suitable for their health. The most popular packaged food includes baby food, pet food, cereals, fruits & vegetables, meat & seafood, among others. 

You never know what the journey has been for the packaged food you are purchasing, as such food items might have come from different locations, under changing weather, and god knows, for how long. Yet, if your packaged food is in the best condition, intact, and fresh, it is probably because of an undeniably robust packaging. Food packaging companies look closely after how the food is packed and if it is compatible to undergo pressure, durable, untampered, has weather resistance, has manufacturing & expiry date, the batch number, etc. 

With growing concerns over sustainability & a critical need to reduce pressure from the environment, several manufacturers dealing in packaged food are seeking new ways for safer & durable packaging. It, in turn, is generating growth opportunities for the leading players to promote eco-friendly packaging like paper-based packaging of food.

The emerging trend of eco-friendly packaging of food & beverages is gaining the attention of most food packaging industries, seeking sustainable & cost-effective solutions like paper packages. Such packaging of food is likely to remain prevalent in the Qatar Packaged Food Market in the long run, owing to their easy-to-decompose & biodegradable composition & nature.

Talking about expectations, it can be said that there is so much more than what is presumed. Just like that, consumers want more than just the product and want to be impacted by the emotions rather than the information alone. Therefore, packaged food companies are adopting packaging strategies that attract consumers. These strategies might include a brand line, a flavor name, advertisements on social media, customizable packaging, and occasional celebration-oriented packaging for gifting, among various others. 

Additionally, people are becoming more & more conscious about what they eat. In fact, the availability of food for people with different choices like vegan food, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, seafood, among others, are instigating the packaging industries to put proper indications, ingredients, and other information associated with the packaged food for better consumer awareness. After all, clean labeling can enable a packaged food company to upscale its brand identity & allow the consumer to make knowledgeable purchases.

Final Words

As we conclude that the demand for packaged food is escalating swiftly, packaging has a prominent role in driving the Qatar Packaged Food Market. In fact, with the emergence of multiple trends, marketing strategies, product expansion, etc., the leading market players are anticipated to witness substantial growth opportunities & boost the market in the years to come.

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