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Vast Food Chain Establishments Backing the Expansion of Packaged Milkshake Industry in India
Published Date: 16 Aug 2022

Today, people are running behind opportunities to attain a better lifestyle, but it has truly made their day-to-day routines exceptionally hectic. What tags along in such a chaotic lifestyle is the compromised health, often overlooked by people, making them much vulnerable to health issues & diseases. Yet, there is a rise in the health consciousness among people, especially the youth of the nation, demonstrating an inclination toward healthy food & beverages. Indeed, life is busy, but grabbing a milkshake on the go to meet the nutritional requirements of the body is one step closer to good health. 

It is where the demand & popularity of Packaged Milkshakes is escalating rapidly among people throughout India, due to which, numerous brands and milkshake manufacturers & packers are emerging & establishing facilities in the country. In fact, a recent research report reveals that the India Packaged Milkshake Market is set to register a CAGR of around XX% during 2022-27. 

Milkshakes are cold beverages made up of milk, ice creams, flavoring syrups, fruits, sugars, and more, and are popularly consumed by people of all age groups. Besides, milkshakes are also viewed as a convenient source to procure nutrition and probiotics. Hence, numerous companies are introducing packaged milkshakes for consumers in popular flavors like vanilla, chocolate, & strawberry, among others. Let us take a deeper dive into understanding the prominent factors boosting the industry expansion across India in the blog.

What are the Driving Parameters behind the Massive Demand for Packaged Milkshakes in India?  

A sudden craving or high health consciousness among people are most commonly the reasons people are drawn toward consuming milkshakes, yet their convenience packaging with longer shelf life actually plays a prominent role in stimulating the popularity of these beverages among people of age groups. 

In case you have started to believe these are the only reasons, hang on!! The following paragraphs exhibit the other prominent factors backing the vast popularity & demand for packaged milkshakes across India and contributing to the overall market expansion through 2027. 

The vast food & beverages industry, entwined with the blend of different cultures, food experimentations & innovations, has a lot of say in attracting a substantial consumer base for packaged milkshakes. 

As the economic conditions of the people are improving swiftly, their inclination toward consuming healthy food & beverages has contributed significantly to paving the way for packaged milkshakes. People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of these beverages and largely showing preference.

Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why more and more companies are establishing facilities & strengthening their distribution channels across the country. The vast consumer pool makes the country a prominent location to set up food chains, cafes, restaurants, and other joints, exhibiting a long menu of beverages, including milkshakes. 

In fact, several international brands are also setting up their facilities to cater to the massive cravings of people for packaged milkshakes, ranging in different flavors. Here, the most prominent consumer base is of the younger generations, especially the millennials, viewing it as a symbol of high status in society.

Besides, the marketing industry is evolving so well that today, prominent brands are practicing innovative & strategic advertisements with brand personalization, thereby attracting consumers to buy their packaged milkshakes. 

What further adds up to the expansion of this industry includes the growing number of lactose intolerant & vegan population across India. It, in turn, is augmenting the demand for dairy-free & plant-based milkshakes, thereby instigating the leading players to introduce such products and expand their consumer base throughout the country.  

Hence, with these aspects, among various others, the demand for packaged milkshakes is growing rapidly, and contributing to the industry expansion across India. 

Most Popular Packaged Milkshake Flavors in India

While there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to milkshakes, consumers in India have shown a massive inclination toward chocolate-flavored packaged milkshakes. This popularity is backed by children & younger populations being the prominent consumers of chocolate and their sweet-tooth for chocolate-flavored products, including milkshakes. 

Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why the availability of chocolate-flavored packaged milkshakes is widespread across different distribution channels and generating growth opportunities for the leading players to increase their production & distribution capacities for the same. 

Nonetheless, a trend of food innovation & experimentation, especially with chocolate in milkshakes, smoothies, ice creams, and more, also exemplifies an anticipated rise in the demand for chocolate milkshakes across India during the forecast years. 

Lucrative Future of the Packaged Milkshake Industry

Truly milkshakes can be some really strong cravings at times, and the easy availability of an extensive range of milkshakes, packaged well to consume on the go has expanded its sales & popularity among people of all age groups. While its convenient packaging is not alone a factor influencing the demand for packed milkshakes, the longer shelf life is contributing to the accelerated demand too. Hence, by the end of this blog, considering all the parameters, it can be said that the future of the India Packaged Milkshake Market shall attain substantial growth and present opportunities for the leading players. 

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