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The Dermatome Devices Market Is Rapidly Expanding. Stay Up With These Pointers
Published Date: 17 Feb 2023

Today, it is not uncommon for people to undergo needles, especially for skin grafting. It is also where dermatome devices are undergoing peaking demands. To enlighten you on these devices, these devices are made up of a motor-driven blade with a set of interchangeable blades that can be used to cut thin slices of skin from a donor area. They are used typically in procedures wherein areas of the body require coverage, as a cause for being burned or otherwise injured.

A recent research study has cited the Global Dermatome Device Market is set to register a CAGR of around 5.5% during 2023-28. If this has piqued you already, let us take a closer look into understanding more about these devices and learn the aspects backing the demand for dermatome devices worldwide.

Dermatome devices are operated either manually or electrically. Initially, when these devices were developed, they operated manually. Layer with gradual technological advancements, electronic devices came into existence, which was operated by air pressure, such as the Brown dermatome, achieved higher speed and precision.

Key Highlights of the Dermatome Devices Market

The main aspects backing the popularity of dermatome devices include many, like the increasing prevalence of chronic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne, and the rising geriatric population, which is more prone to skin diseases. If this got your attention, you might be surprised to learn that advancing technologies like laser or robotic dermatomes are also contributing to the high popularity and demand for these devices.

Since Dermatomes are increasingly being used for the treatment of various skin diseases and cosmetic procedures, including skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, and hair removal, it is also booming tourism in diverse countries with proficiency in these industries.

To enlighten you more, it is quite common that chronic burn care treatments have the most demand for these dermatome devices throughout the world, contributing to the highest revenue generation for the market. Countries with high rates of burn patients have a peaking demand for these devices, particularly across countries like India.

Such are the matters which result in a mounting usage of dermatome devices in hospitals, which is also boosting the overall market growth. Similar to this, ambulatory surgical centers. Here, the elevating popularity of aesthetic or cosmetic surgeries in different ambulatory surgical centers is backed by the perks like reduced cost by minimizing the overall patient stay post-procedure.

These aspects sincerely make dermatome devices an ideal option for individuals that do not need a prolonged hospital stay.

On the geographical front, Asia Pacific has substantial potential for the dermatome devices market, mainly backed by the uprising burn cases in developing countries like India, Malaysia, & Indonesia, coupled with the increasing number of medical tourists and the availability of various treatment options for skin diseases. Alongside that, the emerging trends of plastic surgeries & cosmetic procedures owing to the increasing disposable incomes of the people are also positively influencing the regional market expansion.

Their elevating popularity and demand throughout the world are hinting toward various lucrative opportunities for the key players operating in the industry to widen their offerings and cater to the burgeoning end-user requirements worldwide. Several companies are even creating awareness and supporting their potential buyers through collaborations with various organizations.

To state an example, in September 2019, a prominent brand, Integra Lifesciences supported the European Burns Association’s “Share Your Care” educational program and established training for surgeons-in-training for their skill development and practice management of acute burns.

The Takeaway

For a large number of people, dermatomes are just another detail about how their bodies work. Various healthcare providers worldwide are increasingly demanding these devices to detect & diagnose health problems, particularly those related to the spine, spinal cord, & spinal nerves. In view of the ever-evolving demand for minimally invasive procedures like dermatome shave excision & dermatome shave biopsy, coupled with the ever-growing availability of laser or robotic dermatomes, the global dermatome devices industry is set to attain notable growth in the years to come.

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