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Casein and Caseinates Market Booms with Increasing Consumer Focus on Functional Foods
Published Date: 25 Nov 2022

With the rapidly expanding food processing & specialty chemical industries globally, the application of casein & caseinates is growing at a rapid pace. Coupled with this is the growing consumer awareness of dietary supplements with casein as a crucial ingredient. Changing consumer lifestyles & rapid urbanization worldwide have resulted in the mounting popularity of ready-to-consume food & beverages, especially among the rapidly rising working population & hectic work schedules of people.

Protein & vitality bars, caffeinated drinks, dietary supplements, & multivitamins fortified with casein & caseinates as ingredients are in high demand worldwide, with consumers showing greater interest in them in order to fulfill their nutritional requirements. In view of these trends, a recent research analysis has projected around 4.6% CAGR for the Global Casein and Caseinates Market during 2023-28. The mounting application of these additives in bakeries for cheesecakes, puddings, frostings, & whipped toppings, owing to their functional benefits, shall also bode well for the industry's expansion in the coming years.

The key participants in the market, such as AMCO Proteins, Arla Foods, Burt Lewis Ingredients, LLC, Charotar Casein Company, Danone, Fonterra, Groupe Lactalis, Hoogwegt Groep B.V., Nestlé S.A., Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., Saputo, & Westland Milk Products, are actively working on bringing innovations to their product offerings and expanding their production & distribution capacities in order to cater to the varied end-user requirements.

Mounting Popularity of Sodium Caseinate: A Big Boost to the Industry

Globally, sodium caseinate, the multifunctional food additive, is being increasingly utilized as an emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener, & fat stabilizer in different end-user applications. It attributes to its high nutritional value, superior water-holding capacity, and great emulsification & stabilizing nature. It is also being used as a protein supplement owing to its high amino acid content. Owing to the mounting demand for sodium caseinate in order to enhance the shelf lives & nutritional value of food products, the leading players in the market are witnessing remunerative opportunities.

It owes to the expanding food & beverage, cosmetic, & pharmaceutical sectors, coupled with the rising penetration of ready-to-eat food. More & more consumers are showing active interest in protein-rich food, and with the increasing number of gyms & fitness centers due to the rising health consciousness among consumers, sodium caseinate is witnessing high demand for functional benefits like weight loss, energy boost, & muscle repair.

Ever-Increased Demand from the Food & Beverage Sector

The world is witnessing rapidly rising population levels and the expanding availability of food & beverages comprising casein & caseinates as ingredients. As several people worldwide are showing increasing interest in packaged food and on-the-go meals, casein & caseinates have become the primary additives for food & beverage manufacturers owing to their exceptional functionality & nutritional value.

The global consumption of functional food & beverages, dairy & confectionery items, and sports nutrition products with casein & caseinates as primary ingredients has significantly increased. It owes to the high texturing capacity, melting properties, and superior emulsification & water absorption capacity of these additives. As a result of growing health consciousness among people, casein & caseinates are set to witness an upward demand trend in the food & beverage application over the coming years.

How is Asia-Pacific Driving Opportunities for Manufacturers?

As more and more people are showing active interest in healthy lifestyles, there's an ever-growing demand for nutritional supplements across Asia-Pacific, which are backed by improving disposable income and the increasing number of food manufacturing units, especially in Australia & New Zealand. Food & beverage manufacturers across Asia-Pacific are increasingly adopting food additives like sodium caseinate in order to improve the nutritional value & shelf lives of products and cater to the changing consumer demands.

On the other hand, the booming pharmaceutical industry is another prominent contributor to the growing demand for casein & caseinates in Asia-Pacific. These additives are being used extensively as stabilizers, emulsifiers, & therapeutic tonics in pharma applications. Hence, these aspects, coupled with burgeoning sales of ready-to-consume food and the surging penetration of e-commerce platforms, are set to spur the Asia-Pacific Casein and Caseinates Market growth in the years to come.

The expanding availability of affordable & high-quality edible casein and the surging demand for acid casein in different industrial applications are creating opportunities for casein & caseinate producers worldwide. Also, their increasing use as hair and skin conditioning & emulsifying agents in the cosmetics & personal care sector, coupled with the booming food processing industry, would remain the most prominent growth propellers for the casein and caseinate market through 2028.

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