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A Big Boom in the Aloe Vera Extract Market with Increasing Consumer Inclination toward Natural Products
Published Date: 04 Oct 2022

Aloe Vera, be it raw or in the form of lotions, gels, creams, lotions, etc., has become one of the most commonly used plants in cosmetics & pharmaceuticals. Originating in warm conditions, this plant is cultivated in tropical or sub-tropical regions, mainly in Africa. However, due to its great adaptability, it is now flourished in any place with a warm environment.

With the growing utilization of aloe vera for skin treatments like burns or bruises, as a health drink, and in several cosmetics, there are increasing opportunities for its producers worldwide. And in view of this, a recent research study has projected around 8.8% CAGR for the Global Aloe Vera Extract Market between 2022 & 2027, which would be driven mainly by the mounting consumer interest in natural or plant-based products, coupled with the growing awareness of the medicinal characteristics of aloe vera that aid in the treatment of various illnesses, especially skin conditions, induced by poor eating habits, hectic lifestyles, and the ever-growing pollution levels. Hence, as more & more people are adopting healthy lifestyles & naturally-derived products, it is amplifying the demand for aloe vera extracts, and, consequently, propelling the industry's expansion worldwide.

Some Key Aspects Associated with Aloe Vera Worldwide

  • Aloe vera gels or leaves are being used extensively for rapid relief from sun/fire burns and chemical injuries.
  • Various companies across India, China, and the US are massively investing in researching & developing innovative products to expand their reach and product offerings.
  • The growing use of aloe vera extracts in sugar-free beverages as well as pharmaceuticals & supplements is an evolving trend being witnessed globally.
  • Aloe vera-based personal care & cosmetic items like creams, lotions, lipsticks, stretch mark creams, shampoos, soaps, etc., are in high demand.
  • Moreover, the cosmetic, food & beverage, and healthcare industries are introducing aloe-based products rich in essential vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, & sugars.
  • Gels are the most prominent aloe products sold excessively worldwide owing to the ever-increasing consumer demand for unprocessed products free from ammonia, sulfur, & paraben. The other popular forms of aloe vera include oils, powder, capsules & tablets, and liquid.
  • The rising prevalence of skin illnesses and the shifting consumer preferences toward organic products are stimulating the demand for aloe-derived skin, hair, & body care products and, in turn, fueling the Global Aloe Vera Extract Market growth in the personal care & cosmetic sector.
  • Increased consumer spending on functional foods and naturally-derived cosmetic & personal care products is augmenting the demand for aloe vera extract across Asia-Pacific.
  • In the region, India is witnessing an increasing focus of people on their fitness, i.e., driving the sales of aloe vera-based health drinks & nutritional supplements for enhanced immunity & digestive health. On the other hand, China has a large consumer base for aloe-based juices and an extensive presence of aloe vera producers.
  • Europe holds immense potential for the aloe vera extract business to grow in the future owing to the rising geriatric population and the mounting focus of consumers on improving their health & wellness, i.e., amplifying the demand for aloe vera across various European countries.

What does the Future Hold for the Aloe Vera Extract Industry?

There is hardly any plant that can display such a great variety of scientifically-proven active pharmaceutical ingredients as aloe vera. Hence, there's no surprise that for years, it has been used broadly in cosmetics, food & beverages, healthcare, & many other sectors, and no other option is currently available in the market equivalent to it. The ease of extraction & processing with aloe vera gels has evolved them as a nano drug carrier, with their growing usage in the controlled delivery of Vitamin C & Aspirin. Hence, with abundant availability & varieties throughout the world, aloe vera has an opportunistic scope in drug delivery.

People in European countries are rigorously adopting nutritional supplements & health products and turning to naturally-derived products & remedies to improve their overall health & well-being. Due to this trend, healthcare product manufacturers are seeing natural ingredients as a mega growth opportunity and are increasingly developing aloe-based products. All these aspects are set to create new avenues for the companies involved in the aloe vera extract market to expand and generate significant revenues in the years to come.

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