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Benefits of Oncolytic Viruses in Patients with Melanoma
Published Date: 09 Feb 2022

Oncolytic virus therapy uses viruses to infect & destroy cancer cells and then cell genetic machinery to multiply the healthy cells. A recent research report has indicated around 20.3% CAGR for the Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market during 2022-27. Due to rapid developments in medical science, oncolytic virus therapy has become a promising treatment to fight cancer and might soon become the primary cancer treatment.

Accelerated improvements in oncolytic therapy have successfully transformed treatment standards and extended cancer treatment concepts. After the conventional chemotherapy and target therapy, it is also now called the third revolution in cancer treatment. Oncolytic Virotherapy is an emerging therapeutic and can be divided into two types:

  • Oncolytic Viruses naturally targeting indigenous defects in cells
  • Engineered Oncolytic Viruses

Hence, numerous market players are actively participating in the Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market after observing the growth potential of the market. These leading players are Amgen Inc., Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited, DNAtrix, Genelux Corporation, Oncolytics Biotech Inc., PsiOxus Therapeutics, RIGVIR Ltd., Shanghai Sunway Biotech Co. Ltd., SillaJen Inc., Sorrento Therapeutics Inc., Takara Bio Inc., Lokon Pharma AB, VCN Biosciences, ViroCure Inc., Viralytics Ltd. (Merck & Co. Inc.).

Moreover, the Global oncolytic Virus Therapy is highly fragmented and bifurcates into multiple segmentations. Amongst the Application, Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer in women across the United States after lung cancer; the first cause remains Lung cancer. As per studies of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), more than 3.8 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the US. Yet, the death rate is gradually declining.

After all, the increasing demand for oncolytic virus therapy in breast cancer carries multiple advantages over traditional therapeutics. This therapy combines low-dose cyclophosphamide (CPA) with OVs, to induce anticancer & antiviral immune response, thereby increasing the overall survival chance. Hence, the demand for Oncolytic Virus Therapy is increasing significantly.


Increasing research & development for better treatments, coupled with the growing initiatives by governments of different countries, market players, & healthcare providers worldwide, shall provide the demand for oncolytic virus therapy a significant boost in the future. As a result, the Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market shall showcase an optimistic future trend and grow substantially in the years to come.


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