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Algeria White Goods Market Analysis, 2020

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  • Nov 2019
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The Algeria White Goods market is growing at an exponential rate on account of surging degree of utilization of mobile phones and boost in the expansion of local players. Moreover, rising disposable income of the people, rapid urbanisation along with burgeoning demands for consumer goods is anticipated to proliferate the growth of white goods in the forecasted period.

According to the MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled “Algeria White Goods Market Analysis, 2020”, the White Goods market is expected to register a CAGR of around 6% during 2020-25. LG currently has the highest market share in the Algeria Vacuum Cleaner market, followed by Panasonic and Condor. The prices of LG vacuum cleaners are high in comparison to other players in the country. However, the company provides discounts of up to 15% on several occasions in a year.

The television and refrigerator segment acquired the highest market share in the overall White Goods market in 2019. The increasing disposable income is projected to further increase the market share of television through 2025. The incorporation of new technologies in televisions is projected to have a positive impact on the growth of the Algeria Television market in the coming years. LED technology presently dominates the Algeria Television market. In addition, OLED and QLED are also amongst the emerging technologies in the country.

Moreover, the emergence of new energy-efficient technologies has positively impacted the demand for refrigerators in the country. The introduction of a digital inverter compressor is expected to save energy and reduce compressor noise, thereby becoming a growing trend for the Algeria Refrigerator market.

The key players with a substantial market share in the Algerian White Goods market include LG, Condor, Brandt, Beko, Samsung, Panasonic Bosch, etc.

According to MarkNtel Advisors, the companies are expanding their business in the country by introducing new facilities. In order to boost domestic production, the government banned the import of several white goods, which led to the establishment of numerous facilities by local players as well as international players.

Key Questions Answered in the Market Research Report 

  1. What are the key overall market statistics or market estimates (Market Overview, Market Size- By Revenue, Forecast Numbers, Market Segmentation, Market Shares) of Algeria White Goods Market?
  2. What are the region wise industry size, growth drivers and challenges key market trends?
  3. What are the key innovations, technology upgrades, opportunities, regulations, growth drivers and challenges in the Algeria White Goods Market?  
  4. Who are the key competitors or market players and how they perform in Algeria White Goods Market on the basis of competitive benchmarking matrix?
  5. What are the key results derived from the market surveys conducted during the course of Algeria White Goods Market study?   

Market Outlook, Segmentation and Statistics

  • Market Size & Analysis
    • By Revenues
    • By Volume
  • Market Share & Analysis
    • By Type
      • Room Air Conditioners
      • Refrigerator
      • Washing Machine
      • Microwave Oven
      • Dishwasher
      • Television
      • Water Heater
      • Cooking Range
      • Air Purifier
      • Vacuum Cleaners
      • Water Dispensers
      • Smartphones
    • By Region
      • North West
      • Central
      • North East
      • Southern
  • Algeria White Goods Market Attractiveness Indexing (By Type)
  • Algeria White Goods Market, Product Life Cycle and Lead Time

Frequently Asked Questions

   A. The market size of Algeria White Goods Market during 2020-25 is forecast to be around 6%.

   A. The LED technology dominates the Algeria television market. In addition, OLED and QLED are amongst the emerging technologies in the country.

   A. LG, Condor, Brandt, Beko, Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch and few others are the leading players in the Algeria White Goods Market.

   A. Yes, the scope of the report encompass detailed region wise statistics such as market size, market segmentation, market overview based on various subcategories.

   A. The television and refrigerator grabbed the highest market share in the overall white goods market in 2019.

1.     Introduction

1.1.   Product Definition

1.2.   Research Process

1.3.   Assumptions

1.4.   Market Segmentation

2.     Executive Summary

3.     Expert Verbatim- What our Experts Say?

4.     Macroeconomic Outlook

5.     Algeria White Goods Market Analysis, 2015-2025

5.1.   Market Size & Analysis

5.1.1. By Revenues

5.1.2. By Volume

5.2.   Market Share & Analysis

5.2.1. By Type    Room Air Conditioners    Refrigerator    Washing Machine    Microwave Oven    Dishwasher    Television    Water Heater    Cooking Range    Air Purifier Vacuum Cleaners Water Dispensers Smartphones

5.2.2. By Region    North West    Central    North East    Southern

5.3.   Algeria White Goods Market Attractiveness Indexing (By Type)

5.3.1. Room Air Conditioners

5.3.2. Refrigerator

5.3.3. Washing Machine

5.3.4. Microwave Oven

5.3.5. Dishwasher

5.3.6. Television

5.3.7. Water Heater

5.3.8. Cooking Range

5.3.9. Air Purifier

5.3.10.   Vacuum Cleaners

5.3.11.   Water Dispensers

5.3.12.   Smartphones

6.     Algeria Room Air Conditioners Market Analysis, 2015-2025

6.1.   Market Size & Analysis

6.1.1. By Revenues

6.1.2. By Volume

6.2.   Algeria Window & Split Air Conditioner

6.2.1. Market Size & Analysis    By Revenues    By Volume

6.2.2. Market Share & Analysis    By Type  Split AC  Window AC    By End User  Commercial  Residential  Industrial

6.2.3. Product & Competitor Mapping    Best-selling Window & Split Air Conditioner Models    Market Share of Top Air Conditioning Companies  Condor  LG  Midea  Samsung  Beko  BrandT  IRIS  Panasonic    Best-selling Product vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

6.3.   Market Selling Price, By Tonnage, By Company

6.4.   Market Demand Drivers

6.5.   Recent Trends & Developments

6.6.   Value/Supply Chain Analysis    Manufacturer Margin    Distributor margin    Dealer Margin    Profit

6.7.   Import & Export Outlook

6.7.1. Import Duty

6.7.2. Other Taxes (If Any)

7.     Algeria Refrigerator Market Analysis, 2015-2025

7.1.   Market Size & Analysis

7.1.1. By Revenues

7.1.2. By Volume

7.2.   Market Size & Analysis, By Type

7.2.1. Up to 300 Liter

7.2.2. 300-500 Liter

7.2.3. 500 Liter Above

7.3.   Product & Competitor Mapping

7.3.1. Best-selling Refrigerator Models

7.3.2. Market Share of Top Refrigerator Companies    Condor    LG    BrandT    Beko    Bosch    Panasonic    Samsung    Midea    Ariston

                 7.3.3. Best-selling Refrigerator vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

7.4.   Market Selling Price for Refrigerator, By Size, By Company

7.5.   Market Demand Drivers

7.6.   Recent Trends & Developments

7.7.   Value/Supply Chain Analysis

7.8.   Import & Export Outlook

7.8.1. Import Duty

7.8.2. Other Taxes (If Any)

8.     Algeria Microwave Oven Market Analysis, 2015-2025

8.1.   Market Size & Analysis

8.1.1. By Revenues

8.1.2. By Volume

8.2.   Market Size & Analysis, By Type

8.2.1. Below 30 Liter

8.2.2. 30 Liter & Above

8.3.   Product & Competitor Mapping

8.3.1. Best-selling Microwave Models

8.3.2. Market Share of Top Selling Microwave Companies    LG    BrandT    Beko    Bosch    Panasonic    Samsung

                  8.3.3. Best-selling Microwave vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

8.4.   Market Selling Price for Microwave, By Size, By Company

8.5.   Market Demand Drivers

8.6.   Recent Trends & Developments

8.7.   Value/Supply Chain Analysis

8.8.   Import & Export Outlook

8.8.1. Import Duty

8.8.2. Other Taxes (If Any)

9.     Algeria Dishwasher Market Analysis, 2015-2025

9.1.   Market Size & Analysis

9.1.1. By Revenues

9.1.2. By Volume

9.2.   Market Size & Analysis, By Type

9.2.1. 12-15 Places Dishwasher

9.2.2. Above 15 Places Dishwasher

9.3.   Market Size & Analysis, By End User

9.4.   Product & Competitor Mapping

9.4.1. Best-selling Dishwasher Models

9.4.2. Best-selling Dishwasher vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

9.4.3. Market Share of Top Selling Dishwasher Companies  LG  BrandT  Electrolux  Beko  Bosch  Whirlpool  Samsung  Sauter

9.5.   Market Selling Price for Dishwasher, By Size, By Company

9.6.   Market Demand Drivers

9.7.   Recent Trends & Developments

9.8.   Value/Supply Chain Analysis

9.9.   Import & Export Outlook

9.9.1. Import Duty

9.9.2. Other Taxes (If Any)

10.  Algeria Cooking Range Market Analysis, 2015-2025

10.1.Market Size & Analysis

10.1.1.   By Revenues

10.1.2.   By Volume

10.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type Upto 60L Cooking Range Above 60L Cooking Range

10.3.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

10.4.Product & Competitor Mapping Best-selling Cooking Range Models Market Share of Top Selling Cooking Range Companies            Condor            LG            Bosch            BrandT            Beko            Candy            Starlight

                             Best-selling Cooking Range vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

10.5.Market Selling Price for Cooking Range, By Size, By Company

10.6.Market Demand Drivers

10.7.Recent Trends & Developments

10.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

10.9.Import & Export Outlook

10.9.1.   Import Duty

10.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

11.  Algeria Smartphone Market Analysis, 2015-2025

11.1.Market Size & Analysis

11.1.1.   By Revenues

11.1.2.   By Volume

11.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type       By Screen Size       By Operating System

11.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

11.3.1.   Best-selling Smartphone Models

11.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Smartphone Companies       Condor       Samsung       Iris Algeria       Huawei       LG       Oppo

                  11.3.3.   Best-selling Smartphone vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

11.4.Market Selling Price for Smartphone, By Size, By Company

11.5.Market Demand Drivers

11.6.Recent Trends & Developments

11.7.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

11.8.Import & Export Outlook

11.8.1.   Import Duty

11.8.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

12.  Algeria Vacuum Cleaners Market Analysis, 2015-2025

12.1.Market Size & Analysis

12.1.1.   By Revenues

12.1.2.   By Volume

12.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type Handheld Cannister Upright Others

12.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

12.3.1.   Best-selling Vacuum Cleaner Models

12.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Vacuum Cleaner Companies LG Panasonic Condor Samsung Bosch Ariete Thompson Domoclip Karcher     Tauraus

                   12.3.3.   Best-selling Vacuum Cleaner vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

12.4.Market Size & Analysis, By End-Users

12.5.Market Selling Price for Vacuum Cleaner, By Size, By Company

12.6.Market Demand Drivers

12.7.Recent Trends & Developments

12.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

12.9.Import & Export Outlook

12.9.1.   Import Duty

12.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

13.  Algeria Air Purifiers Market Analysis, 2015-2025

13.1.Market Size & Analysis

13.1.1.   By Revenues

13.1.2.   By Volume

13.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type HEPA Electrostatic Precipitator Ion & Ozone Activated Carbon

13.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

13.3.1.   Best-selling Air Purifiers Models

13.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Air Purifiers Companies

13.3.3.   IQ Air

13.3.4.   QNET

13.3.5.   Crystal Aire Standard Air Purifier

13.3.6.   Solenco

13.3.7.   MeacoClean

13.3.8.   Dreamland

13.3.9.   Viktor Air Purifier

      Best-selling Air Purifiers vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

13.4.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

13.5.Market Selling Price for Air Purifiers, By Size, By Company

13.6.Market Demand Drivers

13.7.Recent Trends & Developments

13.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

13.9.Import & Export Outlook

13.9.1.   Import Duty

13.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

14.  Algeria Washing Machine Market Analysis, 2015-2025

14.1.Market Size & Analysis

14.1.1.   By Revenues

14.1.2.   By Volume

14.2. Market Size & Analysis, By Type Up to 5 Kg 5-10 Kg 10 Kg Above

14.3.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

14.4.Product & Competitor Mapping

14.4.1.   Market Selling Price for Washing Machine, By Size, By Company

14.4.2.   Best-selling Washing Machine Models

14.4.3.   Market Share of Top Washing Machine Companies Condor LG BrandT Samsung Whirlpool Electrolux Best-selling Washing Machine vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

14.5.Market Demand Drivers

14.6.Recent Trends & Developments

14.7.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

14.8.Import & Export Outlook

14.8.1.   Import Duty

14.8.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

15.  Algeria Television Market Analysis, 2015-2025

15.1.Market Size & Analysis

15.1.1.   By Revenues

15.1.2.   By Volume

15.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type

15.2.1.   Below 32 inch

15.2.2.   32 to 50 inch

15.2.3.   50 inch and above

15.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

15.3.1.   Best-selling Television Models

15.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Television Companies

15.3.3.   Condor

15.3.4.   IRIS

15.3.5.   LG

15.3.6.   Samsung

15.3.7.   BrandT

15.3.8.   Haier

15.3.9.   Maxwell

15.3.10. Panasonic

        Best-selling Television vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

15.4.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

15.5.Market Selling Price for Television, By Size, By Company

15.6.Market Demand Drivers

15.7.Recent Trends & Developments

15.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

15.9.Import & Export Outlook

15.9.1.   Import Duty

15.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

16.  Algeria Water Heater Market Analysis, 2015-2025

16.1.Market Size & Analysis

16.1.1.   By Revenues

16.1.2.   By Volume

16.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type

16.2.1.   Below 50 Liter

16.2.2.   Above 50 Liter

16.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

16.3.1.   Best-selling Water Heater Models

16.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Water Heater Companies

16.3.3.   Saunier Duval

16.3.4.   Beretta

16.3.5.   Ferroli

16.3.6.   Chappee

16.3.7.   Chaffoteaux

16.3.8.   Others

16.3.9.   Best-selling Water Heater vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

16.4.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

16.5.Market Selling Price for Water Heater, By Size, By Company

16.6.Market Demand Drivers

16.7.Recent Trends & Developments

16.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis

16.9.Import & Export Outlook

16.9.1.   Import Duty

16.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

17.  Algeria Water Dispenser Market Analysis, 2015-2025

17.1.Market Size & Analysis

17.1.1.   By Revenues

17.1.2.   By Volume

17.2.Market Size & Analysis, By Type

17.2.1.   Top Mounted

17.2.2.   Upright

17.2.3.   Bottled

17.3.Product & Competitor Mapping

17.3.1.   Best-selling Water Dispenser Models

17.3.2.   Market Share of Top Selling Water Dispenser Companies Condor Others

                 17.3.3.   Best-selling Water Dispenser vs. Company vs. Discounts/Rebate Offered

17.4.Market Size & Analysis, By End User

17.5.Market Selling Price for Water Dispenser, By Size, By Company

17.6.Market Demand Drivers

17.7.Recent Trends & Developments

17.8.Value/Supply Chain Analysis (manufacturer margin, distributor margin, dealer margin, profit etc)

17.9.Import & Export Outlook

17.9.1.   Import Duty

17.9.2.   Other Taxes (If Any)

18.  Algeria White Goods Market, Product Life Cycle and Lead Time

19.  Disclaimer

Algeria White Goods Market Segmentation