Impact of Covid-19 on ICT & Electronics

The COVID-19 crisis has a considerable impact on the ICT & Electronic industry. Owing to, distress in raw materials supply, disruption in the electronics value chain, a slump in the investment of emerging technology such as Digital Transformation, IIoT, 5G, and cancellation of various international events resulted in financial losses to thousands of companies. The modernization of manufacturing facilities slowed down drastically. The temporary suspension of the construction industry has negatively impacted the parameter security market, fire management, etc. Moreover, the stalled manufacturing facilities of the electronics part on account of logistics slowdown and unavailability of the workforce worldwide along with discontinuation of the delivery of non-essential items from the e-commerce companies imposed a fatalistic impact on the ICT & Electronics industry. To know the more precise impact on the industry fill the required information and we would be happy to assist you.