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Proliferating Up gradations in the Electrical System Technologies Intensifying the Market Growth

The electrical system is a crucial component in the overall aircraft that manages the production, distribution, utilization, and storage of electricity. The increasing application of electrical components in the aircraft entwined with the rising automation of the aircraft has been generating the need for highly efficient power management systems.

According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report Global Aircraft Electrical System Market Analysis, 2020”, the global Aircraft Electrical System market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 6% during 2020-25.  Supportive government policies towards the adoption of open skies agreement, in addition to the escalation in the low-cost, narrow-body aircrafts market and boosting passenger traffic in the aviation sector has been offering immense opportunities for market expansion.

Power Generation Segment to Dominate the Global Aircraft Electrical System Market During the Forecast Period

On the basis of system type, the power generation segment is anticipated to experience the expedite growth in the forthcoming years, as revealed by MarkNtel Advisors’ research report on “Global Aircraft Electrical System Market Analysis, 2020”. The advancing aircraft electrical systems power level, the power generation modes are also getting modified. The traditional generator source of power is finding its replacement from the alternators.

Commercial Aviation Platform Anticipated to Maintain its Leading Position

The Global Aircraft Electrical System, based on the platform has been led by the commercial aviation sector over the past few years. The segment is further projected to attain the significant growth in the upcoming years, owing to the increasing aircraft deliveries in the commercial aviation sector, rising passenger traffic, upgradation in the service offered by the reputed airliners, and the growing number of long-distance international business and personal trips.

According to MarkNtel Advisors’, some the of key competitors operating in the Global Aircraft Electrical System market includes Ametek, Safran, Astronics Corporation, Amphenol Corporation, Esterline Technologies, Honeywell, Meggitt, Thales Group, United Technologies Corporation, GE Aviation, etc. The leading players in the global aircraft electrical system, are concentrating on technology upgradation and launching of advance technologies. 
For instance, Safran Electrical and Power, one of the leading manufacturer of aircraft electrical systems has introduced a new power electronics such as ETRAS (Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System) and EBAC (Electrical Braking Actuation Controller) for the application in aircrafts. Such technological advancements would facilitate the development of more efficient electrical systems.
 “Global Aircraft Electrical System Market Analysis, 2020” provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights on the industry potential, key factors impacting sales and purchase decision, hotspots and opportunities available for Aircraft Electrical System providers across the Globe. Moreover, the report also encompasses the key strategic imperatives for success for competitors along with strategic factorial indexing measuring competitor's capabilities on 16 parameters. This will help companies in the formulation of Go to Market Strategies and identifying the blue ocean for its offerings.       

Industry Segmentation:
1.    By Components (generators, Conversion Device, Distribution Devices, Battery Management Systems, Others)
2.    By Platform (Commercial Aviation, Military Aviation, Business & General Aviation)
3.    By System (Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Conversion, Energy Storage)
4.    By End User (Aftermarket, OEM)
5.    By Application (Power Generation Management, Flight Control & Operation, Cabin System, Configuration Management, Air Pressurization & Conditioning)
6.    By Region (North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia- Pacific)
7.    By Country (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Israel, China, India, Japan)
8.    By Company (Ametek, Safran, Astronics Corporation, Amphenol Corporation, Esterline Technologies, Honeywell, Meggitt, Thales Group, United Technologies Corporation, GE Aviation, and Others)
Key questions answered in the study:
1.    What are the current and future trends of the Global Aircraft Electrical System industry? 
2.    How the industry has been evolving in terms of end-user demand and application areas?
3.    How the competition has been shaping across the countries followed by their comparative factorial indexing?
4.    What are the key growth drivers and challenges for the Global Aircraft Electrical System Market?
5.    What are the customer orientation, purchase behavior, and expectations from the Aircraft Electrical System suppliers across various regions?