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Government Regulations on Hazardous Chemicals to Strengthen the Global Oleochemicals Market during 2020-25

The burgeoning demand for bio-based chemicals is projected to replace the petrochemical products. The growing trend to replace petrochemical products Read more

APAC Would be the Largest Market for Two Wheelers Brake Component during 2020-25

The global two-wheeler braking component market is anticipated to rise in the coming years owing to the increasing production of two-wheelers globally Read more

Burgeoning Steel Production to Energize the Global Mining Chemicals Market

The growing production of crude steel is anticipated to positively impact the demand for mining chemicals as the production process of crude steel inv Read more

Europe and North America to Drive the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPS) Sales Through 2025

Tire pressure monitoring systems include pressure sensors that monitor the vehicle’s tire pressure. These sensors are active safety systems. As the Read more

Growing Awareness among the Customers to Strengthen the UAE HVAC After Market

The increasing residential supply in the UAE has resulted into an increased demand for HVAC in the country. Moreover, the rising awareness among custo Read more

Quota System to Strengthen the Algeria White Goods Market

The surging number of air conditioners in Algeria is anticipated to positively impact the growth of Algeria white goods market. The residential sector Read more

Increasing Construction Activities to Strengthen the Global Emergency Lighting Market

A number of standards have been created that define the particular requirements for emergency lighting systems such as National Electric Code (NEC), B Read more

Burgeoning Chinese Investments to Drive the Tanzania White Goods Market

Tanzania is the second-largest economy in the Eastern Africa. The rising urbanization and growing initiatives by the government for economic and socia Read more

Growing Health Awareness to Strengthen the Global Corn Oil Market

The corn oil market is rising globally due to its health benefits such as high nutrition, polyunsaturated fatty acids and low saturated fats content, Read more

Growing Nutritional Demand to Strengthen the UAE Baby Food Market

The gradual growth of women's participation in workforce along with the increasing lactation problem is anticipated to strongly contribute to the Read more

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