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Growing Type-2 Diabetes Cases Expected to Stimulate the Global Type-2 Diabetes Market Growth During 2020-25

According to MarkNtel Advisors’ research report titled Global Type-2 Diabetes Market Analysis, 2020”, the Global Type-2 Diabetes market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 8% during 2020-25. In the 21st century, type-2 diabetes is among the fastest growing health challenges worldwide. According to the International Diabetes Federation, out of total diabetes cases around the world, T2D constitutes approximately 90%, while type-1 diabetes (T1D) and gestational diabetes make up the remaining 10% of the cases. 

“Global Type-2 Diabetes Market Analysis, 2020” provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights on the industry potential, key factors impacting sales and purchase decisions, hotspots, and growth opportunities available for Type-2 Diabetes providers across the globe. Moreover, the report also encompasses the key strategic imperatives for success for competitors along with strategic factorial indexing measuring competitor's capabilities on 16 parameters. This will help companies in the formulation of Go-to-Market Strategies and identifying the blue ocean for its offerings. Patients with type 2 diabetes are gradually increasing in most of the countries. It is projected that an approx. of 463 million adults (20-79 years) are affected with diabetes, and in the coming years, it would propel from 438 million by 2025 to 700 million by 2045. Moreover, around 374 million people are at an augmented risk of developing type-2 diabetes in the coming years. Hence, the estimated growing number of type-2 diabetes patients in the coming years is projected to accelerate the market growth of Global Type-2 Diabetes market in the forecast period. 

20-65 Years age Group Segment Exhibited the Majority Market Share
Based on age group, 20-65-year-olds accounted the majority market share in the Global Type-2 Diabetes market in 2019. A significant rise of type-2 diabetes is foreseen in children, adolescents, and younger adults due to rising levels of obesity, decline in physical activity, and poor diet. According to European Society of Cardiology, global diabetes prevalence is about 5% for the age group 35-39 years, 10% for the age group 45-49 years, 15% for the age group 55-59 years, and close to 20% at age group 65-69 years. Thus, the rising number of type-2 cases among the age group of 20-65 years is anticipated to strongly attribute toward the market growth of the Global Type-2 Diabetes market in the forthcoming period as stated in the MarkNtel Advisors’ research report “Global Type-2 Diabetes Market Analysis, 2020”.  

Numerous Product Launches and Approvals by the Market Players
According to MarkNtel Advisors’, the key players with a considerable market share in the Global Type-2 Diabetes market are Merck & Co, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Takeda, Biocon, Johnson & Johnson etc. The market competitors, with the help of mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and product launches,  are expanding their foothold in the Global Type-2 Diabetes market. 

Market Segmentation:
1.    By Drug Type (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Inhibitors, Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors, Biguanides, Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor Agonists, Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors (SGLT2), Sulfonylureas, Other (Thiazolidinediones, meglitinides, glitazones, etc.)
2.    By Gender (Male, Female)
3.    By Age Group (Upto 19 years, 20-65 years, Above 65 years)
4.    By Region (North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa)
5.    By Country (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan, South Korea, India, South-East Asia, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa), 
6.    By Company (Merck & Co, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Takeda, Biocon, Johnson & Johnson etc.)

Key questions answered in the study:
1.    What are the current and future trends of the Type-2 Diabetes industry? 
2.    How the industry has been evolving in terms of end-user demand and application areas?
3.    How the competition has been shaping across the countries followed by their comparative factorial indexing?
4.    What are the key growth drivers and challenges for the Type-2 Diabetes industry?
5.    What is the customer orientation, purchase behavior, and expectations from the Type-2 Diabetes firms across various regions?