Financial Research

MarkNtel Advisors’ financial research expertise lies in providing premium research services for numerous banking and insurance sector, hedge funds, asset managers, trading houses, private equity and venture capital firms, and numerous consulting and advisory powerhouses.

We provide timely information based on this research to assist our clients in making informed investment decisions.  Our in-depth research and finalytics capabilities in terms of vast database of diverse industry in global economy, technology platforms, and highly proficient analysts provide cutting edge solutions to improve top and bottom line and plan the future series of events.

Credit Research
MarkNtel’s Credit Research solution provides in-depth coverage on the creditworthiness of individuals, public and private entities, financial institutions, etc. It consists of qualitative and quantitative insights deploying statistics, financial models, and forecasting tools. This research enables you to evaluate risk and opportunities associated with your investment, credit origination, and risk management programs.

Equity Research

MarkNtel mixes talent with tools to draw expertise and offer insights on the global economy, markets, geopolitics, and asset management to our clients. We provide offers strategic and tactical market insights, reports underpinned by proprietary research.

Our aim is to secure and salutary financial future for our clients by assisting them to understand their portfolio mix and determine the financial instruments that fit their risk and return requirements

Our Offerings:

    1.Sector Specific Research Reports
    2.Bi-Annual Geopolitical Comprehensive Outlook
    3.Sectorial Portfolio Perspective Guides
    4.Investment Actions
    5.Customized Financial Analysis Reports

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Our team of analysts has an exhaustive experience of working across mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, private placements, buybacks, and cross-border transactions. Supported by the holistic expertise of our dedicated sector-specific teams and continuous interplays with an extensive number of leading listed and unlisted businesses across each sector to offer a complete solution for clients.

With relationships across large and mid-sized global corporate and institutions, we facilitate perpetual ideation and research of opportunities that are in the best interests of our clients.

Our network, which spans mid-to-large corporations across ASPAC, Europe, and North America, supports us accomplish scores of cross-border transactions

Relative Valuation of an IT Giant

MarkNtel Equity Research Analysts successfully delivered a relative valuation of an Indian IT giant to a leading Private Sector Bank looking to finance a company’s future growth plans.

Cash Flow Projections for a Saudi Arabian Oil Giant

MarkNtel Team successfully devised a financial model forecasting the cash flows for a Saudi Arabian Oil & Gas Giant planning to invest in downstream in the Asia Pacific.

Competitor Financial Analysis

MarkNtel Financial research team delivered an in-depth financial analysis of a German Chemical Giant for a Chinese chemical producer planning to counter its German competitor in East Asia.