Data Analytics

Without data, you’re just a person with an opinion: - W. Edwards Deming 

Having trouble analyzing big data? Let us simplify that for you. Our data analysts work in collaboration with research experts to offer you focused results. Get streamlined and tailored insights on brands, social media, competitors, customer behavior, sales trend, etc. leveraging our capabilities.

Leverage the power of data. Replace your cumbersome and monotonous task with our cost-effective real-time services. Our advanced business intelligence reporting and data analytics services enable our clients to make uninformed decisions.

Customer Experience is the new battlefront for organizations. Competition, targets, and cost pressures are compelling sales leaders to increase their budgets while maximizing customer experience remains a challenge. We assist our clients in providing the best in class customer experience simultaneously reducing cost, improving the product quality, maximize brand awareness and devising customer-centric sales and marketing campaigns.

Sharpen your focus on the right opportunities using our sales and marketing analytics. Leverage our sales reporting and analytics, opportunity analytics, metering buyer propensity, target identification, boost Return on Investment and increase your sales and marketing success. Our services empower our clients in developing accurate forecast models, add new revenue streams, reduction in marketing spend and customer churn.

Increased User Engagement by 42%

MarkNtel Analytics’ Cross-Category Recommendation Engine empowered by a team of data analysts improved the user engagement of a leading E-commerce player by around 42%. Drop us an email for more details.

Improved Revenue from Paid Campaign

MarkNtel Team assisted a leading baby apparel giant with over 2 million social media followers in amassing 18% additional revenues using insights using Data Driven Attribution feature of Google Analytics 360. Drop us an email for more details.

Customer Analytics for Effective Strategy

A leading food delivery company with considerable active users leveraged MarkNtel’s Customer Analytics to revamp its customer targeting strategy with the sole purpose of providing best in class customer experience. Drop us an email for more details.