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A Brief on the Therapeutic Perks of Candles on Health
Published Date: 21 Apr 2022

Candles have been around for thousands of years now & their primary function remains the same, i.e., to illuminate the surroundings. However, over these years, the civilization has evolved dramatically & led to a rapidly growing application of candles across different verticals. It is how scented & automated candles came into the picture.

Candles are used for different purposes, viz., illumination, religious purposes, relaxation & calm, medication, & therapeutic, among others. It is majorly for its gentle, aesthetic, and mesmerizing qualities that attract people to use them in their places.

Growing Preference for Scented & Organic Candles

While the sense of smell is incredibly strong & pretty much underestimated, it is also said that having a scented candle lit up can bring memories of a similar smell from the past and allow the person to relive the moments. Hence, lighting candles can boost mood, relieve stress, and enhance mental clarity with their healing properties. On the other hand, while historic years demonstrated the adoption of organic candles as a luxury, which only the royal & rich people could afford, today, they are more like the go-to purchase of most people.

With the growing awareness about the benefits of using candles made of natural ingredients, people nowadays are inclining extensively toward using organic candles. The main reasons behind this inclination include a growing preference for measuring the quality of life, reducing carbon emissions, and living a healthier life. These perks indicate that the Vietnam & Philippines Candle Market is projected to register a considerable CAGR during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. 

Benefits of Scented Candles

Now that the blog has hinted toward the availability of scented candles, it's time we look through the deeper side. While it is scientifically proven that scented candles can play a critical role in enhancing the mood, reducing stress, bringing calm & relaxation, and offering therapeutic benefits to the mental health of the people. It all falls upon the soothing effects of candles on the brain cells, stimulating the limbic system and rejuvenating the memory & emotions. 

In fact, it is also studied that scented candles play a major role in producing hormones like serotonin & dopamine to regulate mood. Hence, several candle manufacturers are actively [participating in the development & production of a wide range of candles with different scents, flavors, and therapeutic perks for the customers, and stimulating the entire industry. 

Influence of Scented Candles on Health

Now that you have understood how scented candles can influence the mental health of people, let us have a look at some common scents in candles and their effect & role on humans. 

  • Lavender to bring calm & instant relaxation
  • Clary sage lifts the mood
  • Cinnamon for a refreshing feeling
  • Orange to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Lemon for the overall enhancement of the mood
  • Apple for anxiety  
  • Peppermint rejuvenates the mind and increases focus 
  • Frankincense to battle anxiety & bring relaxation from stress 
  • Sandalwood to soothe the body & the mind
  • Vanilla increases the serotine levels and bring happiness uplift mood, & stimulates relaxation 

Let us not forget that while the leading players are involved in offering an extensive range of candles and providing a plethora of options to choose from, they are also offering access to these candles for the customers through different distribution channels.

Easy Availability of Candles

These mediums can include online platforms, and offline stores like supermarkets, gift & specialty stores, and departmental & grocery stores, among others, where the majority of the people prefer offline stores as a convenient mode of choosing the right candle. It is majorly due to the facility of physically smelling the candles before purchasing, which is unavailable on online channels.

Prominent Perks of Lighting Candles

  • Enhances the Ambiance

While candles play a crucial role in improving the overall aura of a place, their application is not limited just to households but is now gaining swift momentum across various commercial locations like restaurants, spas, massage centers, etc. In fact, scented candles are widely used for meditation and are a beloved practice to set the mood anywhere. 

  • Calm & Relaxation

As we have learned so far that candles can have a significant impact in bringing calm & relaxation to the people, manufacturers are now offering an extensive range of candles containing flowers, aromas, herbs, essential oils, etc. It, in turn, is helping the people have a soothing, calming, & improved mental health, addressing various psychological & physiological disorders by burning aroma therapeutic candles.

  • Mood Lifter

Scented Candles are popularly known for lifting the mood and alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and tensions. In fact, several candles are crafted, especially to address such issues and activate hormones like serotine & dopamine to stimulate the mood. 

  • Enhances Memory

With the right candles and burning specific scents, people can also stimulate their memory, limbic systems that habitat the emotions & memories of the past. In fact, it is also studied that scented candles can play a crucial role in inexplicably intertwining with the brain. 

  • Improves Sleep & Supports Rest

On one hand, while people choose candlelight dinners to have a sound & romantic ambiance around themselves, lighting scented candles for a while can also improve the quality of sleep for a person. And, let's not forget to blow out the candle before sleeping. 

Wrapping Up

By the end of this blog, we have covered how burning candles can have therapeutic effects on the mental health of people & create a comfortable, calming, and relaxing ambiance. Hence, with the mounting demand for candles, the Vietnam & Philippines Candles Market would expand significantly and generate profitable opportunities for the leading candle manufacturers to introduce more innovative products in the coming future.

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