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Discovering the Key Benefits of Probiotics Ingredients in Human Nutrition
Published Date: 11 Feb 2022

Probiotics are the blend of good & live bacteria or yeasts that live in the human body. They significantly benefit human health by fighting off the bad bacteria when there's too much of it. They also help improve the intestinal microbial balance in the body. Besides, there are several other crucial benefits of consuming probiotics, a few of which include: improving intestinal health, stimulation & strengthening the immune system, enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients, addressing lactose intolerance, reducing risks of some other diseases, etc.

Probiotics are now available in different supplements and prevent the growth of the harmful organism, restore bacteria after sickness, better absorption & breakdown of medications, reinforce the gut barrier, and others. Owing to these benefits, they are gaining immense popularity worldwide. A recent research report has indicated that the Global Probiotic Ingredients in Human Nutrition Market expects around 8.4% CAGR during 2022-27, attributing most prominently to the increasing health concerns among people, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Things to Know Before You Begin With Probiotic Diet

Although probiotic microorganisms are present in different types of fermented food, you do not consume such food. Consuming probiotic supplements can be beneficial in sufficing the requirements of good bacteria in the body. The probiotic supplement must reach the large intestine & allow the microorganism to colonize. It may show signs of side effects like bloating. In case a person is on medications, an expert suggestion is a must since probiotics might amplify the effects of medications.

Most people turn to probiotics principally to address issues, such as indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, etc. However, one must understand that good health depends on what you eat. Hence, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, fats, & minimally processed whole grains is supremely important.

Many foods contain probiotics naturally, like high-quality plain yogurt, and are a good source of good bacteria. Apart from these, fermented foods are also seen as a great source of these microorganisms that thrive on fiber or sugar in food. Some examples of fermented food are listed below, have a look to find out more. 

  • Unpasteurized pickles & vegetable pickles
  • Kefir (dairy & non-dairy)
  • Kombucha Tea
  • Sauerkrautkimchi, etc.

However, it is crucial to understand that when you are eating fermented food products for their probiotics, you must check if they are pasteurized or not. Since pasteurization kills the bacteria, there will not be any add-up to your body. Hence, consuming unpasteurized fermented products is beneficial in obtaining probiotics.

Moreover, probiotics are available in different supplement formations like food, powders, pills & capsules, liquids, among others. They are easily available in the market for consumption. However, with the swiftly increasing number of products, not all types of probiotics are likely worth your money. There can be possibilities where different probiotics do not have the same bacterial concentration. In fact, some probiotic supplements even claim products with no proof of efficiency.

One must know that as many advantages there can be of consuming probiotics, some individuals may face side effects & worsen symptoms. Yet, the possibility of such cases is usually among people who have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or those who are simply sensitive to supplements. Hence, it is said that an accurate amount of probiotic intake can be healthy & incredibly beneficial for some individuals.

Wrapping Up

It is crucial to have a balanced amount of good & bad bacteria in the body to ensure good health, and for this, one must eat both prebiotic & probiotic foods. However, before consuming anything like that, taking suggestions from the healthcare specialist is crucial to know about the adequate intake amount and eliminate the chances of side effects or excess consumption of probiotics. With consumers becoming more health-conscious & concerned about the beneficial value of probiotics and food manufacturers focusing on promoting functional foods, the Global Probiotic Ingredients in Human Nutrition Market is likely to expand with a significant growth rate in the years to come.

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