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Rationale Behind Intelligent Transportation Systems Gaining Popularity across India
Published Date: 26 Aug 2022

Have you ever gotten stuck in traffic and wondered if you knew about this congestion earlier, you might have changed the route and reached the destination on time? With increasing hassle and rush in our daily life, nothing sounds more tempting than having an application that warns you about the congestion beforehand, informs you about the number of vehicles available nearby, or navigates you through the trip. If this piqued your interest, this blog is all about the aspects driving the adoption of Intelligent Transportation Systems, enabling people with better traveling experience throughout India.

Since the traditional transportation system is not competent enough to cope with the modern lifestyle, India is actively adopting digitally-enabled terminals endowed with an upgraded security system. Broadly known as an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a technology composed of numerous applications that sense, analyze, control, & integrate data to provide innovative services related to various modes of transport & traffic management.

These systems are gaining massive popularity as it offers commercial & public users much informed, properly coordinated, and safer transport networks. In fact, a recent research report reveals that the India Intelligent Transportation System Market is set to register a CAGR of around XX% during 2022-27.

Key Factors Backing the Increasing Installation of ITS in India

Whether it is learning, working, commuting, shopping, trading, or distribution of goods, people are dependent on transportation, and so are the industries. Perhaps, it is why the installation of an Intelligent Transportation System is becoming vital for infrastructural development. 

With the growing economy & population, the pressure on public transport is immense. Hence installation of these systems to manage & control traffic while eliminating the possibility of delays at signal intersections is driving the utilization of Intelligent Transportation Systems across India

Moreover, ITS delivers travel & traffic information in real-time with the most resilient network control, owing to which, it is often considered a sustainable transport system. Not only does it save money & time but also reduces noise pollution from the network. It adds up to help the country attain its goal of good air quality and boosting environmental sustainability. 

Nonetheless, because of its exceptional logistical perks across sectors like Roadways, Railways, Airways, and Marine, the entire supply chain attains an upper hand in the goods transportation, tracking, and distribution, shaping the work cycle drastically.

The Internet of Things(IoT) enabled Intelligent Transportation System is gaining popularity owing to its ability to transform a broad range of information into data, which, in turn, can be used to make informed & better decisions. The ITS also supports technologies such as electromagnetic compasses, Fiber optics, CD-ROM, GPS, laser sensors, digital map databases, and display technologies and offers numerous services. These services include Emergency Management like emergency vehicle management, hazardous materials, incident notification, emergency notification & personal security, & Electronic Payment (EP) Safety, among others.

Possible Challenges Affecting the Full Potential of ITS 

While the Intelligent Transportation System in India is yet to decipher new potentials, there are several things that might affect its fledged growth in the coming years. These factors can include the pertinent to keeping in mind the future vision when planning to introduce autonomous & connected vehicles and bring diverse technologies in coordination with each other in the changing time.

As Intelligent Transportation System has the potential to make assets that can last for centuries, it is essential that it is top-notch. Moreover, the country still needs massive investment in conducting the research & development of Intelligent Transportation Systems to bring innovations & efficiency in the future. 

A Way Ahead for the Intelligent Transportation System in India

With the growing focus of the government on infrastructural development and the need to strengthen the transportation industry, investments in the research & development of Intelligent Transportation systems hint toward the presence of lucrative opportunities for the leading players in the market, instigating them to bring innovation and expand their production & distribution capacities in India.

Besides, Intelligent Transportation System is propelled by socio-economic and environmental necessities. Hence, the country needs to adopt harmonized standards for better operations like these intelligent transportation systems, offering greater security, accessibility, & consumer satisfaction. Therefore, it can be said that the India Intelligent Transportation System is likely to observe substantial growth and active participation of the leading players, backed by massive government support in the coming years. 

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