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Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit Catering Nutritional Needs in Modern Lifestyles
Published Date: 30 Aug 2022

One thing that significantly impacted the lifestyle after the pandemic was the shifting of food choices toward healthy food, especially for the ones having a say in boosting their immune strength. Just like that, the demand for fruits like kiwi fruit rose dramatically high & is gaining rapid momentum since then. Originating from the Chinese Himalayas, kiwi fruit has gained significant popularity among people and is now produced across regions. 

In fact, the growing awareness among people about the benefits of Kiwi Fruit & its enriching source for vital minerals like vitamin E, copper, vitamin K, choline, magnesium, & phosphorus, among others, has made it a prominent choice of fruit and exemplifies application in different areas. A recent research report reveals that the Global Kiwi fruit Market is set to register a CAGR of around 5.8% during 2022-27. 

Prominent Perks of Kiwi Fruit Driving its Demand

While kiwi fruit might not have an appealing outside, its delightful taste has gained a substantial consumer base globally. The presence of Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color, while its delicate, fragrant, & fresh taste with unique nutritional qualities make it incredibly healthy. Let us spill the beans on some of the prominent aspects backing the popularity & demand for Kiwi fruits and contributing to the swift expansion of the market in the forthcoming years. 

  • Makes the Breakfast Exotic & Healthy

Due to its tendering taste and fragrance, people prefer its direct consumption and also popularly pair it up with other cuisines to enhance the taste considerably. Besides, the rising of Kiwi fruits apart from its consumption just directly is also observed in beverages like juices, smoothies, sauces & purees, and more. Moreover, 

Besides being drunk straight up as juice, Kiwi fruits are also used in salad dressings, cake frosting, plate garnisher, and other applications. In fact, owing to its high potency in vitamins C & K, this exotic fruit is gaining the attention of fitness enthusiasts too.

Moreover, as the working population is elevating, the need for ready-to-consume products is accelerating rapidly that not just fill the stomach but also meet the nutritional needs of the body. Hence, the demand for kiwi fruit is elevating worldwide. 

  • Swift Popularity of Kiwi Fruit in Dietary Supplements 

Since Kiwi fruits exhibit various nutrients that help in addressing numerous diverse health issues, the demand for these fruits for application in dietary supplements is growing swiftly. The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and potassium in kiwi fruits helps lower elevated cholesterol levels and may as well assist in reducing the risk of cardiac illnesses. Besides, these fruits also help in controlling heart rate with the presence of potassium. 

Besides, Kiwi fruits are excellent for skin health owing to the natural occurrence of vitamin C, and may as well aid sun damage to the skin, wrinkles, skin vibrancy, youthfulness, and texture. Likewise, it is also beneficial for hair heath due to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids that keep hair moisturized. In fact, Vitamins C & E found in kiwi fruits also help in reducing hair loss. With the content of magnesium, phosphorus, & zinc, among others, kiwi fruit might also aid in regulating blood circulation & influence hair development. 

Understanding Industry Scenario for Kiwi Fruits on Geographical Basis

Talking about the regional landscape for this industry, Asia-Pacific is set to exemplify the largest production & consumption of Kiwi fruit in the world, where China is the leading country contributing to the overall industry growth in Asia-Pacific. In fact, across the region, Chile & New Zealand is the prominent exporters of kiwi fruit across locations. Increasing health consciousness & exponential rise in the population, entwined with the easy availability of kiwi fruit are the prominent factors stimulating the industry expansion across this region, and leading the market toward substantial growth in the coming years. 

Wrapping Up

Due to the factors revealed in the blog, it can be said that Kiwi fruit is a nutrient-rich, highly versatile, and popular fruit across the world and is only witnessing an expanding consumer base worldwide. Moreover, the expanding food & beverages industry entwined with the massive influx of tourists worldwide, propelling the demand for different food exhibiting kiwi fruit shall also augment the demand for these exotic fruits & stimulate the overall market growth in the coming years.

Nonetheless, mounting trends of food experimentation and the advent of dietary supplements exhibiting the wellness of kiwi fruit are the other factors behind the high demand for kiwi fruit across geographies. These aspects are also instigating the leading players to increase their production & distribution capacities and cater to the rising needs worldwide while leading the market toward substantial growth in the future. 

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