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Here’s How Investing in Good Mattresses Enhances Human Health
Published Date: 06 Jun 2022

When thinking about mattresses, bedroom & sound sleep are pretty much the first things that pop up in our minds. And why not? They are all about relaxation, relief, & maintaining good health. Therefore, the environment in a bedroom should always be conducive to sound & sufficient sleep, and to ensure this, having an appropriate mattress that offers comfort is necessary.

A suitable mattress offers good back health, better sleep with the right support & comfort, and eliminates back pain. Since several factors affect the body posture & cause back pain, it is crucial that when you rest, the mattress brings comfort & ease to you and, in turn, make a positive difference to your aggravating pain. 

Hence, numerous brands are emerging across different corners of the world, offering a variety of mattresses for customers and presenting new features to meet user requirements. With these aspects in place, the Global Mattresses Market is expecting around 6.5% CAGR during 2022-27.

Growing Demand for Mattresses: Key Reasons

On one hand, the exponentially rising population, changing living standards, and growing inclination toward having nuclear families are upsurging the demand for mattresses across the residential sector. In fact, emerging trends of separate bedrooms for kids is another prominent aspect soaring the demands for mattresses and influencing the industry substantially for residential applications.

On the other hand, the commercial application of mattresses is seen significantly across hotels, massage spas, and healthcare facilities, among others. As the influx of tourists & migrants is escalating rapidly, the number of hotels, resorts, and other retreats is rising too. It, in turn, is projecting a growing focus of the hospitality industry toward offering comfort to the customers and augmenting the need for mattresses.

In fact, the growing focus of the governments on strengthening the healthcare sector is demonstrating a growth in the number of hospitals, clinics, and other such facilities. As a result, the need for medical mattresses is mounting substantially and boosting the industry. In, turn, is also generating growth opportunities for the leading play mattress manufacturers to enhance their product portfolio and introduce new varieties of mattresses that meet the requirements of different industries.

Impact of Mattresses on Sleep & Health

Undoubtedly, falling over your bed after a long & hectic day is a much-needed element to relieve all the stress. And it is actually very important. As you fall asleep, not just your body, but your mind is also at rest and reenergizes to function the next day with full efficiency.

Hence, there is no denial of the fact that asleep is the rejuvenation we all need, and a good mattress is what complements it all. Owing to these aspects, you must always invest your money in comfortable mattresses that meet your requirements and help in enhancing your overall health. Seeking for the reasons how mattress impact the sleep of a person? Stick with the blog until the end to find out more:

  • Proper Rest Relieving Stress & Anxiety

By far we have understood that having the right mattress can really improve your sleep. Yet, the most prominent question remains "Why?" and "How?". You might find it surprising but when you have a suitable mattress that supports your back and offers a sound sleep, it also helps in elevating anxiety & stress.

As long-term stress & tension and sleep disturbances can cause serious mental health issues like depression or other psychological problems, the need for suitable & comfortable mattresses is important. In addition, the same case goes with appropriate support to the body & relieving back pain as prolonged issues with backache can become serious. 

  • Relieves Body Ache, Improves Posture

Just above we have talked about the need for a mattress for proper health, and in continuance with that, you must understand that the right mattress can actually make a difference in your body by providing proper support to the back, spine, neck, & legs.

Additionally, it is also said that investing in a good mattress is a smart decision as it comes with several benefits like durability, health improvement, etc. Hence, several mattress manufacturers are introducing a variety of orthopaedic mattresses to keep the body aligned and in the right posture with enough resistance to recover from the strains of the day and keep the spine alignment. 

  • Eliminate the Possibilities of Health Issues

Having old mattresses can severely impact human health in different ways. It can trigger dust allergies or cause conditions like acne, dry skin, running nose, nasal congestion, etc., which becomes another reason for replacing old mattresses with new ones. Health issues like body ache, dust mites, itchy eyes, rashes, joint soreness, etc., are the most common consequences of using old mattresses and a clear sign to buy new ones.


Owing to the factors cited above that shed light on the significance of mattresses and how investing in a good one can benefit health, their demand is escalating swiftly worldwide. It, in turn, is augmenting the growth of the Global Mattress Market and generating lucrative prospects for the leading players in the industry to expand their product portfolio & customer base.

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