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Botanical Ingredients & their Expansive Utilization Across Industries
Published Date: 02 Sep 2022

With growing health awareness, people tend to demonstrate a rapid inclination toward functional and organic ingredients to boost their health and include them in their food & beverages. That being said, the adoption of clean labeled products and novel products are upscaling nowadays. However, their applicability is not just limited to consumption. 

Beauty products are also incorporating numerous botanical agents, owing to their amazing benefits rooted in ancient traditions. Hence, the popularity & demand for botanical ingredients like herbs, roots, seeds, and more, and mounting rapidly across different corners of the world. 

Perhaps it is one of the many reasons why a recent research report reveals that the Global Botanical Ingredients Market is set to register a CAGR of around 7.2% during 2022-27. If this hasn’t piqued your interest already, allow us to enlighten you with the functional aspect boosting the popularity & demand for these products worldwide.

Factors Stimulating the Industry for Botanical Ingredients

Botanicals are plants or elements derived from flowers, leaves, seeds, or roots enriched with bioactive compounds. They are commonly found as herbs & spices exhibiting intricate health benefits. These ingredients are available in diverse forms, like powdered, raw, and liquid forms, among others, and are obtained via various extraction techniques like CO2 Extraction, Solvent Extraction, Steam Distillation, and Enfleurage. 

  • Functional Foods & Clean Labels

Over the years, there has been a substantial change in consumers' interest, and have demonstrated their swift inclination toward functional foods. Unlike earlier, when foods with higher sugar content used to hold the priority, functional foods are gaining traction owing to the growing consumer awareness about their intrinsic health benefits like stronger immunity, better sleep, along with healthy energy outcomes. 

Today, people are much more interested in clean-labeled food products and are straying much beyond the basic nutritional food, thereby making a paradigm shift to novel foods hinting toward significant psychological benefits & minimal chronic disease. 

  • Food Industry Driving Botanical Ingredients Popularity

With the comprehensive coverage in terms of varieties, the ingredients are expected to have a strong foothold in the coming years. People across geographies are utilizing these botanical ingredients in bakeries, confectionery, smoothies, sauces, & seasonings, alongside dietary supplements.

For instance, rose petals, sage leaves, cinnamon, and raisins are used frequently in bakeries and confectionery. One of the major factors for such increased affinity is the 'Premium' touch associated with its usage. Just like that, turmeric & berries are used as food coloring & essense, thereby witnessing substantial utilization worldwide.

  • Beauty, Cosmetics, & Herbs

The use of these botanical ingredients is also witnessing a large-scale adoption by the cosmetic industry. Today, the use of botanical ingredients like herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, and others is not uncommon, and in fact, dates back to its deeply rooted ancient traditional use in beauty.

Especially across regions in South East Asia, known for its incorporation of the aforesaid ingredients in beauty products for ages, the cosmetic industry now projecting immense possibilities of organic ingredients in upcoming beauty products as an elevation. The same reason is also generating growth opportunities for the leading players to increase their production & distribution capacities and cater to the mounting demands. 

The reason for such anticipation is backed by the shift in preferences for more natural ingredients-based products in skincare & hair care ranges. Today, consumers are much aware of the benefits of these ingredients and instigating the cosmetic companies to invest more in exploring various new species along with existing ones. To cite an example, Vitamin C-based ingredients are already gaining hype because of their potent skin benefits.

  • Botanical Ingredients Paving Ways in Beverages

The prevalence of ‘Better-for-you’ beverages is equally demonstrating an expansion in the applicability of botanical ingredients worldwide. Today, super-fruits are trending in 'Better for you' beverages that include healthy & refreshing drinks with minimal sugar content & high nutritional composition. With improved immunity & enhanced energy levels, such beverages are gaining the upper hand and directly influencing the market growth. 

For example, Green tea exhibiting anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties is already made its mark in the food & beverages industry and among consumers. 

  • Fragrances & Botanical Ingredients

Botanical Ingredients are widely used as fragrances. And why not? These ingredients make wonderful aromatic compositions, where plant, flower, seed, wood, and resin essences are blended. These ingredients are used as essential oils to enhance flavor in existing food varieties. 

In fact, adding a soothing aroma to the traditional flavors using botanical ingredients in the form of herbs & seasoning act as a perfect choice. 

For instance, Berje, Inc., a leading supplier, has introduced Helichrysum Oil enriched with natural Neryl acetate, which exhibits a fruity and floral aroma. It makes the material especially appealing for natural perfumery applications, as its richness and tenacity can provide the perfect modifier for other floral components. 

A Way Ahead for Botanical Ingredients in the Future

With customers ubiquitous health & wellness priorities, the applications of botanical ingredients are mounting. Plenty of herbs have already demonstrated their usage as safe. However, with time, a few of them projects themselves as multi-beneficial. Therefore, backed by their versatility, the food & beverage industry is set to explore their dormant sides and bring an expansive menu using botanical ingredients in the coming years. Such aspects shall play a prominent role in augmenting the market growth while generating lucrative opportunities for the leading players in the coming years. 

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