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Action Cameras: Key Advancements to Expect in the Future
Published Date: 06 Apr 2023

Someone passionate about capturing moments & experiences will always be intrigued by action cameras. Be it skydiving, surfing, or hiking, these devices have revolutionized how we capture our adventures. This blog is about the future trends in action cameras and what developments we can expect in the coming years. From the industry leader GoPro to DJI & Xiaomi, the global action camera market has exploded in the past few years and is projected to register around 10.42% CAGR during 2023-28, mainly on the back of various advantages of these cameras over the traditional DSLR, like compact size, 4K recording, and the ability to capture different angles in action or extreme sports, as well as their use as a dash-cam in vehicles.

Latest Trends in the Industry

A few industry players are introducing Dual base ISO in their new launches, along with other additional features, which come with two native ISO settings, 800 & 5000. Having two film stocks in a single camera is advantageous, and since its advent, modern action cameras can film in extremely-low light with minimal noise.

Moreover, several companies are also working on enhancing the file-sharing capabilities of these devices. The availability of large sensor sizes & resolutions (4K & above files) has instigated the need for wireless data transfer options. Many manufacturers have integrated Wi-Fi sharing into their product offerings to attract a diverse range of consumers who need fast file transfer via wireless connectivity.

Another trend is the advent of video resolutions above 4K, like 6K & 8K, which are gaining ground in the global market. These Ultra HD resolutions provide a high pixel density with the image produced for professional content creators who need videos & images for post-processing.

Industry participants like GoPro, Sjcam, & DJI, among others, have incorporated several bundled features in their products to cater to the varied customer requirements. Recently in 2022, GoPro launched its GoPro Hero 11 action cameras globally that offer 5.3K recording at 60 fps (frames per second) and 4k at 120 fps, along with a large sensor, 360-degree rotation, & TimeWarp, i.e., HyperSmooth applied to time-lapse videos, etc.

Hence, the rising demand for immersive cameras with improved sensor size & resolution is creating numerous prospects for manufacturers to bring more innovative features to their product offerings and suffice the evolving customer requirements.

360º Cameras are becoming the Popular Choice of Customers

360° action cameras comprise two cameras pointed at either side of one another. They take two separate images and automatically stitch them together to create a single seamless image, which one can view using a VR headset for complete immersion. The main benefit of a 360-degree camera is that it eliminates all blind spots and thus is more useful in extreme activities as it can cover a 360-degree view of any event in a more immersive manner. Besides, these cameras are handy & easy to carry for off-road activities wherein a clear view of objects & obstacles around the vehicle can be covered. Hence, these cameras hold a prominent share of the industry and are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

North America: The Top-Notch Market for Action Cameras

Due to the high disposable income and ever-increasing popularity of adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, & paragliding, the need for media coverage for these activities is booming in North America, especially in the US. Consequently, the demand for professional cameras with extensive storage capacities is burgeoning across the region. In addition, substantial R&D investments by industry players in the development of advanced devices, coupled with shifting consumer behaviors from the traditional DSLRs to action cameras, are being witnessed in the US and, in turn, boding well for the regional market growth.

Wrapping Up

With the growing penetration of social media and the rapidly rising adventure tourism, action cameras are witnessing high demand, especially in global sports events. As technology advances, the future of these devices seems bright & clear. From improved image & video quality to enhanced waterproofing, along with integration with other devices, possibilities for capturing & sharing moments have never been this greater. Whether you’re tech-savvy, an adventurer, or a professional, advancements in these devices will offer you a new potential for documenting & sharing your experiences which, consequently, would fuel the growth of the action camera industry over the coming years.

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